Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday (Thursday, 8.20.09), IJG and I went out to lunch with uncle M and auntie C. We picked them up and headed to Ruggles Green. Uncle M sat in the back and spent his time taking usual. It was nap time when we left home so I was hoping IJG would stay asleep the whole trip, and maybe even through lunch.


But, right before we arrived he woke up and wasn't happy.

8.20.09, 2

A pic from lunch:

8.20.09, 3

After lunch it was time for another nap. Even though I always put him right in the middle of the crib, I found him like this:

8.20.09, 4

With his arm like this:

8.20.09, 5

Later that afternoon, once NJG came home, we got our first real smile out of IJG. He did it twice. Unlike the other smiles, this one was big and open-mouthed. His eyes also lit up as he smiled. We ran for the camera and didn't quite catch it, but got a fuzzy pic of the second smile as it was ending.

8.20.09, 6

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