Monday, November 4, 2013

IJ's art

IJ has improved his penmanship and drawing skills recently. Here are some examples from October.

He now signs in every morning at school by writing his first and last name.  photo Picture3_zps569deaa6.png

I thought this was a cute little self portrait.
 photo IMG_20131011_153758_231_zpsb3f9a1d9.jpg

Here's another self portrait plus daddy and ZJ. He is holding daddy's hand and made sure to draw ZJ's hair in her face.  Daddy obviously isn't wearing pants.
 photo IMG_20131011_153925_886_zpsf5f5b544.jpg

Another school project (on a pillowcase for some reason).
 photo IMG_20131030_133433_832_zpsd69aa3b8.jpg

This one is all his work but under the direction of daddy.  It was a birthday gift for grandma.
 photo IMG_20131027_095341_797_zps10da89c8.jpg

October 2013 Pics

Looking rough after a nap.
 photo IMG_20131010_142645_854_zps4c7e0608.jpg

IJ lasted 4.25 years in a rear facing car seat but we needed to move ZJ into his seat so he is now forward facing in a new chair. He loves it.
 photo IMG_20131011_124725_323_zps96e39471.jpg

 photo IMG_20131012_134817_842_zpsf01efb46.jpg

 photo IMG_20131014_083617_773_zpsf5fe2d7d.jpg

 photo IMG_20131017_151453_220_zps8259ab6f.jpg

IJ and I got to pet a giraffe at the zoo.
 photo Picture1_zps8f6bc59a.png

 photo IMG_20131021_<a href=

 photo IMG_20131021_085116_237_zpsd860f1ed.jpg

 photo IMG_20131022_151823_499_zpsa9de0323.jpg

 photo IMG_20131023_124348_442_zpsc56751dc.jpg

ZJ got a new ottoman for her room.
 photo IMG_20131024_130630_668_zps686d49cf.jpg

I finally introduced ZJ to play dough after IJ and I made a batch of pumpkin spice dough.  She likes it of course.
 photo IMG_20131025_152856_885_zps219b9415.jpg

Both kids enjoyed the bounce houses at the neighborhood Halloween party.
 photo IMG_20131026_111431_576_zps699df666.jpg

 photo IMG_20131026_131157_599_zps81e83c75.jpg

 photo IMG_20131028_092934_211_zpse3062155.jpg

I made mini (and full size) eyeball cupcakes for C & N's Halloween party.
 photo IMG_20131031_153726_232_zpsfade9fd7.jpg

IJ gave out Halloween goodies and went trick or treating for the first time.
 photo IMG_20131031_183040_358_zps8cc04e3f.jpg

Both kids in full costume at C & N's party.  IJ was "incredible IJ" and ZJ was a witch.
 photo Picture2_zps5a7de216.png