Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 Pics

IJ and ZJ both started soccer early September with the same program IJ has been with for a year now. They added a 2-3 year old class so ZJ was able to join. She is actually letting me put her hair up each week for practice and leaving it until we're back home. She likes practice and her coach Ziggy and has had no hesitation. She follows all of her coach's instructions which is more than I can say for most of the kids there.  photo 20140903_143204_zps1d459d29.jpg

 photo Picture1_zpsa5cd0710.png

 photo 20140924_152003_zps28098e55.jpg

IJ seems to be enjoying school and making some friends. He's struggling to focus and follow the rules and we're trying to help him with some extra incentives.

 photo Picture5_zps8a5ae5b3.png

 photo 20140923_075732_zps5c56d599.jpg

He puts a sticker on his calender for each good day so we can keep track.
  photo 20140915_161003_zps91a9fd81.jpg

Homework so far has been to make a "me" doll out of a paper form.
 photo Picture6_zps355f713d.png

And to make an "all about me" poster.  IJ chose the content and wrote all of the labels. We found, printed and cut out the pictures.
 photo Picture333_zpse7f077d3.png

ZJ is into cutting.
 photo Picture7_zps20d1b32e.png\

And painting right now.
 photo 20140919_112413_zpsfa9a62de.jpg

I made dog cupcakes for Mikey's bday.
 photo 20140920_210128_zps614cc4dd.jpg

 photo Picture4_zps3e57206a.png

 photo 20140904_181603_zpsaead2267.jpg

 photo Picture222_zpsc740668c.png

 photo Picture111_zps5cd679d3.png

Our tree is dropping pecans already.  photo 20140925_131931_zpsa70c092f.jpg

We went to a cool, new to us, park at a Montessori elementary.  photo Picture3_zps8d1bf9c6.png

 photo Picture11_zpsc2651b1b.png

 photo 20140927_102428_zps1212fb6e.jpg

 photo Picture2_zps37ab1716.png

 photo 20140927_102212_zpsf0c29226.jpg

Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 Pics

The kids played together very nicely this summer (most of the time), especially first thing in the morning.  photo Picture18_zpsd7a3cf33.png

They made superhero emblems.  photo Picture17_zpsece9be37.png

We dried out the sunflowers but then just let the kids play with them.  photo Picture16_zps5813ebf4.png

They were being explorers.
 photo Picture15_zps9e8a3f7f.png

ZJ fell asleep for the night on NJ not once...
 photo Picture14_zpsf505212d.png

...but twice this month.  This was after refusing to go to sleep with me in her usual way.
 photo Picture11_zpsd11a586e.png

Some pics from the children's museum.
 photo Picture13_zpsf592a632.png

 photo Picture12_zpscfd5a4e4.png

ZJ continues with her puzzle obsession and now does this 48 piece puzzle and others all by herself.
 photo Picture10_zps9805d449.png

 photo Picture9_zpsa5cf132a.png

IJ got his first professional haircut days before Kindergarten started.  We let it grow out most of summer in preparation.
 photo Picture8_zps3b54633d.png

 photo Picture7_zps3dfd2147.png

On our last weekday of summer we made cookies for daddy and his coworkers and visited him at his new job.
 photo Picture6_zps55a7d5da.png

 photo Picture5_zpsa4c8c868.png

We managed to give ZJ pigtails for the first time but she had a fit about it and they didn't last long.
 photo Picture4_zps711fbd3e.png

 photo Picture3_zps5d43b6e2.png

IJ walks to school each morning and scooters home each afternoon.  It's a half mile each way.
 photo Picture2_zpsebfe379a.png

We gave IJ a new Lego set for starting Kindergarten and then a few days later he got another set (pictured) as a late birthday gift from friends.  He was able to build them all, including the 3 configurations of this one, by himself.
 photo Picture1_zpsc9382aae.png


Our Museum of Fine Arts had a very sensory/interactive exhibit that I knew the kids would enjoy.  They liked it so much we went twice.

 photo 20140802_142103_zps8bf610f2.jpg

 photo 20140814_132126_zpsd395573c.jpg

 photo 20140802_141923_zps40dde62d.jpg

 photo Picture1_zps571bcd5a.png

 photo 1908062_930225156993247_9083985355285034501_n_zpsfc9732b3.jpg

Here's a video of the first experience there plus some footage of the kids playing at an indoor playground.