Friday, April 8, 2016

ZJ is 4.5 years old!

 photo 4.5 years small_zpsau49e6e9.png

ZJ wears 4t and some 5t clothes. She is wearing size 10 shoes.

ZJ loves school and has made many friends. She likes her teachers and would stay at school all day if she could. Her favorite activities are the pretend play areas which change themes each week where she likes to dress up and play, she also loves tea party, having books read to her and playing outside. At home her favorite activities are listening to books, riding her wheeled toy, duplo, dolls and doing activity sheets or books. She loves to play outside digging, riding her bike or petting the dogs. She got really good with her balance bike so about 2 weeks ago we tried her on IJ's 12", first bike and she's been riding it since. The only thing she struggles with is getting the pedals in a good place to start from a stopped position. ZJ has been reading for several months now. We've been working our way through sets of early readers. She had no trouble writing and forming all of her letters if you spell words for her. She can figure out a lot of spelling on her own. ZJ likes soccer and she continues to have weekly classes. She still loves her brother the most and wants to play with him but can treat him quite rudely.

ZJ eats a wide variety of healthy foods. She loves tomato soup, avocados, mangoes, apples, O cereal and cashews. She also loves chocolate. She goes to bed around 6:45 pm and sleeps till around 6:30 am. She stays in her bed the entire night much of the time now but still occasionally climbs into mine during the night. She has had several colds and a couple stomach viruses but no doctor visits and nothing that bothers her for too long.

March 2016 Pics

ZJ's class picture, taken in January.  photo Picture1_zpsmd1opoju.png

We participated in the Superhero Heart Run again.
 photo Picture13_zpsknes07ip.png

 photo Picture14_zpsnuzcerg7.png

One of the parks we've played at since IJ was a baby was just completely redone.  photo Picture12_zpssdncoplh.png

I put IJ in private swim lessons in hopes he would finally learn to swim properly and be ready for his school's triathlon. I'm not sure it's helping.
 photo Picture11_zpsjkrqicgf.png

We had lots of park trips over spring break.
 photo Picture10_zpswywvi7y0.png

We were furniture shopping and speaking to a sales associate and I turned around to see this.  photo Picture9_zpspgtyw7pg.png

ZJ's school had an easter egg hunt. I suggested she use her pumpkin bucket just to humor myself.  photo Picture8_zpsmyqiirsf.png

ZJ learned to ride a bike. She went straight from her balance bike to this one.  photo Picture7_zpsxgroczcn.png

We went on a tour at a goat farm.
 photo Picture6_zpse7xiqnqu.png

 photo Picture5_zpsqdzi0sgp.png

 photo Picture4_zpszxfyvccj.png

Pretend camping at school.
 photo Picture3_zpsjmd5sfug.png

Her favorite doggy.
 photo Picture2_zpsiwmn3jhi.png

Saturday, April 2, 2016

February 2016 Pics

IJ and I made these cute Valentines for his classmates with a free printable I found. ZJ gave out little pads of paper. Both kids signed every one and IJ also wrote his friends names on the back of each after he chose a bug for them.
 photo Picture13_zpska1mv929.png

 photo Picture12_zpsjtu8jeq6.png

We finally visited the Children's Museum again. On this trip we made a kite and pinwheel.
 photo Picture9_zpsi0dfj4nk.png

 photo Picture11_zpsz9yjpqtc.png

 photo Picture10_zpswwgrazbc.png

ZJ had a snow day at school.
 photo Picture2_zpsobg6yiwf.png

 photo Picture3_zpsvt0ymkso.png

 photo Picture1_zpshhz2y3cq.png

We got our spring vegetable garden going after skipping winter gardening. I also put out zinnia and bluebonnet seeds in the front garden.
 photo Picture8_zpsjdps6wbw.png

 photo Picture7_zps72itbbyr.png

 photo Picture6_zpswyvuonxw.png

 photo Picture5_zps450lspuk.png

 photo Picture4_zpsthfhdqvz.png

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

January 2016 Pics

IJ has been taking guitar lessons every Sunday for most of the school year.  photo 20160101_182624_zpslerfncuy.jpg

 photo 20160102_125948_zpsigpzuqon.jpg

Both kids did the same winter soccer program, on different evenings.
 photo Picture7_zpscfckcy9n.png

Acting silly with friends at school.
 photo Picture6_zpscvig1sdq.png

I told ZJ she should pick an outfit for school pictures and she chose this.
 photo 12565624_898893240179164_5084152323269380992_n_zpsigupl87k.jpg

 photo FB_IMG_1452624262811_zpsiqonr0ud.jpg

ZJ got a new winter jacket. Her first ever new (not from IJ) coat.
 photo Picture5_zpsfyfko68m.png

 photo Picture2_zpsje96cr56.png
 photo Picture4_zpsxk7rfgw3.png

 photo Picture3_zpsafsddpfa.png

 photo Picture1_zpsv8ctphdl.png

I donated my wedding dress to a group who uses them to sew funeral dresses for babies. They held an event to take professional photos of your children in them first.
 photo 6C6A9659_zpslzok8qmj.jpg

 photo 6C6A9658_zpsy5hebc3p.jpg

December 2015 Pics

 photo Picture17_zpsffokfnxg.png

 photo Picture16_zpsdjrper1b.png

ZJ was upset one day so IJ drew her whatever she wanted to cheer her up - a unicorn on a rainbow with hearts.
 photo Picture15_zpsllkpv3i8.png

Both kids had their holiday programs on the same day.
 photo Picture14_zps3ciy2zmh.png

 photo Picture13_zps6mbezpch.png

ZJ had her first professional haircut. I took her to the person who has cut my hair for about 10 years.
 photo Picture12_zps9tpda6wc.png

We had a nice zoo trip over the break.
 photo Picture11_zps1rcptmbt.png

 photo Picture10_zps44xqjk42.png

 photo Picture9_zpsgsm1bn8p.png

 photo Picture8_zps2t7zqogt.png

We went on an evening walk to check out the lights in our neighborhood.
 photo Picture7_zpsusrouvk2.png

We went to Austin to see my cousins and have a little fun. The kids went ice skating for the first time.
 photo Picture6_zpsbhca7zrd.png

 photo Picture5_zpsyivfzpwc.png

 photo Picture4_zpsrtkzlpk7.png

 photo Picture3_zpspzjhqkyt.png

 photo Picture22_zpspegnr9na.png

 photo Picture2_zpszkfqsm9h.png

My kids are weird. I turned back to see IJ smelling ZJ's hair as he likes to do.
 photo Picture1_zpsp5es4uhm.png