Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 Pics

The kids played together very nicely this summer (most of the time), especially first thing in the morning.  photo Picture18_zpsd7a3cf33.png

They made superhero emblems.  photo Picture17_zpsece9be37.png

We dried out the sunflowers but then just let the kids play with them.  photo Picture16_zps5813ebf4.png

They were being explorers.
 photo Picture15_zps9e8a3f7f.png

ZJ fell asleep for the night on NJ not once...
 photo Picture14_zpsf505212d.png

...but twice this month.  This was after refusing to go to sleep with me in her usual way.
 photo Picture11_zpsd11a586e.png

Some pics from the children's museum.
 photo Picture13_zpsf592a632.png

 photo Picture12_zpscfd5a4e4.png

ZJ continues with her puzzle obsession and now does this 48 piece puzzle and others all by herself.
 photo Picture10_zps9805d449.png

 photo Picture9_zpsa5cf132a.png

IJ got his first professional haircut days before Kindergarten started.  We let it grow out most of summer in preparation.
 photo Picture8_zps3b54633d.png

 photo Picture7_zps3dfd2147.png

On our last weekday of summer we made cookies for daddy and his coworkers and visited him at his new job.
 photo Picture6_zps55a7d5da.png

 photo Picture5_zpsa4c8c868.png

We managed to give ZJ pigtails for the first time but she had a fit about it and they didn't last long.
 photo Picture4_zps711fbd3e.png

 photo Picture3_zps5d43b6e2.png

IJ walks to school each morning and scooters home each afternoon.  It's a half mile each way.
 photo Picture2_zpsebfe379a.png

We gave IJ a new Lego set for starting Kindergarten and then a few days later he got another set (pictured) as a late birthday gift from friends.  He was able to build them all, including the 3 configurations of this one, by himself.
 photo Picture1_zpsc9382aae.png


Our Museum of Fine Arts had a very sensory/interactive exhibit that I knew the kids would enjoy.  They liked it so much we went twice.

 photo 20140802_142103_zps8bf610f2.jpg

 photo 20140814_132126_zpsd395573c.jpg

 photo 20140802_141923_zps40dde62d.jpg

 photo Picture1_zps571bcd5a.png

 photo 1908062_930225156993247_9083985355285034501_n_zpsfc9732b3.jpg

Here's a video of the first experience there plus some footage of the kids playing at an indoor playground.

Monday, August 25, 2014

IJ starts Kindergarten

We took some pictures of IJ in front of his new school before he began Kindergarten today. I'm only posting those that don't show the school name.
 photo K7_zpsa14d5198.jpg

 photo Picture2_zpseae818e4.png

 photo Picture1_zps05903194.png

 photo K1_zps90a0c209.jpg

I also took a picture once IJ was settled in his new class, in his morning routine of reading on the rug.  photo 2014-08-25080847_zps6946a1b4.jpg

Friday, August 15, 2014

IJ plays soccer

IJ just completed his 4th season of soccer with the local program that holds once weekly practices. He's improved a lot in the year he's played with them. This video is from one of his last practices.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 2014 Pics

A couple pics from June that never got posted.
 photo Picture16_zps61010b1e.png

The morning of our trip to Florida, which happened to be pride parade day, while Mikey was distracting the kids.
  photo Picture14_zps358bd549.png

Boxcar Willie tomato from the garden.
 photo Picture13_zpsc8158059.png

IJ on his birthday with his new bed.
 photo Picture12_zps2864e4c9.png

ZJ sleeping in her "new" bed.
 photo Picture11_zpse8649c7e.png

 photo Picture10_zpsa0e9be7f.png

 photo Picture9_zps7589323d.png

Lacinato kale from the garden.  This is my favorite type of kale.
 photo Picture8_zpsac0a28df.png

At the Y pool.
 photo Picture7_zpsf846efe2.png

 photo Picture15_zps57d1a323.png

Jalapenos from the garden.  We've only had these 2 so far.
 photo Picture6_zpsd7310813.png

ZJ climbing at the covered playground, next to the indoor pool where IJ has swim lessons.
 photo Picture5_zps384232eb.png

Soyo cucumbers from the garden.  We got 3 before the plant died.
 photo Picture2_zps20fa723a.png

We went to the med center one day to meet MP for lunch and ride the light rail.  The kids loved it.
 photo Picture3_zps9ea45c93.png

 photo Picture18_zps5d58facc.png

 photo Picture17_zps5694aeda.png

IJ's been found in a variety of unusual positions when I check on him before I go to bed since moving to his new bed.  Only once did I find him on the floor though.  He sleeps very deeply and will sleep though any noise or movement unlike his sister.
 photo Picture1_zpsdcbbf860.png

Thursday, July 24, 2014

siblings, 1980s + 2014

Before our trip to Florida, NJ and I took pictures of the kids in poses and surroundings to replicate pictures of my brother and I as kids.  We then framed them and gave them to my parents.
  photo Picture2_zps7bfda6ed.png

 photo Picture1_zpsb50c721c.png

 photo Picture3_zps9b8df857.png

summer vacation

We drove to Pensacola to visit my parents in their new house at the end of June.  The kids had their own room with 2 twin beds but we quickly decided that wasn't going to work.  ZJ wakes up randomly and we didn't want IJ's sleep affected so NJ slept on a twin in that room and ZJ and I slept in the other room.  But, here's a pic of ZJ in the  bed she was supposed to sleep in.
 photo Picture23_zps632f4c7b.png

My parents found and kept a baby turtle.  It's cute.
 photo Picture14_zpsd26cfea0.png

 photo Picture21_zpseb21c93b.png

 photo Picture13_zpsf8188062.png

We gave IJ an early birthday gift by bringing his new 20" bike with us on the trip.
 photo Picture22_zps99b80514.png

 photo Picture34_zps088cb761.png

We played at this unique park a couple times.
 photo Picture33_zps3a7998af.png

 photo Picture32_zps5ee99fca.png

 photo Picture20_zps25b8b215.png

 photo Picture19_zpsdc9fcb37.png

 photo Picture31_zpsb3d99ff4.png

 photo Picture30_zps22e6fe13.png

We visited downtown Pensacola and checked out a few shops.
 photo Picture18_zps6295e717.png

We went to the beach twice also.
 photo Picture16_zpsa0f06f94.png

 photo Picture17_zps4fde930c.png

 photo Picture15_zps059b4376.png

 photo Picture29_zps1c1cd791.png

 photo Picture28_zpscb19cabf.png

 photo Picture26_zps484286f4.png

 photo Picture25_zps57ee87a2.png

 photo Picture27_zpsa3419ec9.png

We went back downtown for the 4th of July day time kids activities.  The kids got to build toys provided by the hardware store.  IJ chose a recycling truck and ZJ chose a florist truck.
 photo Picture6_zps75b9e05d.png

 photo Picture5_zpsf3717851.png

 photo Picture4_zpsb46e3c73.png

ZJ visited the petting/feeding zoo while IJ jumped in the bounce houses.
 photo Picture3_zps208c62c9.png

 photo Picture12_zpse40524a9.png

 photo Picture11_zpsd2ccda2b.png

We went out to lunch.
 photo Picture2_zps3d345859.png

After lunch we returned home to continue IJ's birthday party festivities (we started the day with him opening his presents).  He got to watch the LEGO movie and then we had cake.  I brought a sparkler number 5 for his cake which he apparently thought was a candle.
 photo Picture10_zpsc28b5216.png

As soon as it was lit and started sparkling he dove back away from it in terror.  It took some coaxing for him to sit back up.
 photo Picture9_zpsb1c773e0.png

I tried a new cake and icing recipe and he didn't love them.  He has had the same cake for birthdays 1-4.
 photo Picture8_zps2eb3606a.png

Token picture to prove NJ was on this vacation trip too.
 photo Picture1_zps6e40b0af.png

After 6 days in Florida we drove back to TX after a short park visit.  Included in my bag of car entertainment was IJ's first ever lollipop.  It kind of blew his mind.  He knows we don't eat candy so he kept asking what it was and how I had made it.  I explained that it was not the average lollipop in that it had no food coloring chemicals and only natural ingredients but it still wasn't healthy and a very rare treat.  He thoroughly enjoyed it but hasn't asked for one since.
 photo Picture7_zps47c2645f.png