Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ZJ is 2 1/2 years old!

 photo 30mosmall_zps0965eca6.png

ZJ is much easier to communicate with now.  She understands everything and can often use complete sentences.  She says lots of funny things because she has a combination of normal 2 year old talk mixed with 4 year old boy talk from emulating everything her brother does.  A few months ago she started answering all "why" questions with "because," then added an "ummmm" and weeks later switched her answer to "I don't know."  She seems to be over this now and is back to answering questions.  She says "nother gain" when she wants something repeated.  She calls strawberries "strawbabies."  She also likes to sing and loves playing her brother's guitar or pretending ANYTHING in a guitar.  She is now quite into TV and gets to watch 2 shows each afternoon with her brother.  Current favorites are Yo Gabba Gabba (she loves to sing "party in my tummy" among other songs from the show) and Dora.

ZJ got very familiar with counting between 1 and 20 but does so randomly and skips around.  I've tried to teach her colors for months but she recently seems to be getting it a bit.  She definitely knows orange and other colors are being identified correctly more often.  She is recently into matching and when she sees two things the same color she yells "it match."  She loves puzzles and reading as opposed to playing with toys.  She does puzzles for 3-5 year olds with a bit of assistance but has some up to 24 pieces that she can do on her own.  She will lay in her or her brother's room flipping through book after book for long periods of time by herself.  She's not into building with duplo but will play a bit with the duplo people sitting them on chairs or in cars.  She seems to like playing with her brother's tiny legos more.  She likes to play outside with her brother and likes to ride her tricycle.  We often ride the length of the block and back.  Inside she will play along with any strange game her brother thinks up but has been hitting and hurting him much more often, even when not provoked.

ZJ is eating great.  She tries everything and likes almost everything I make.  She even likes raw vegetables.  She doesn't nap and has finally gotten used to it, not falling asleep on late afternoon car rides.  She falls asleep nursing at 7 easily and up until a couple weeks ago had still never slept through the night.  She started sleeping through the evening very consistently and then sometimes waking at 10/11ish pm but a few nights sleeping straight to morning.  It seems like she's back to her early morning waking but still waking less than she had been a few months ago.  She is usually up between 6 and 7 am.  She nurses back to sleep at each waking and a few times during the day too.

ZJ stays dry all day long typically and has recently begun taking herself to the bathroom to pee on occasion if she feels the need.  She's gone months without pooping on the toilet, only in diapers but a few weeks back it seemed like we had a break through where she actually pooped on the potty some.  But, we're back to refusing to do so.  It doesn't matter if she's naked or diapered or in underwear, she refuses the toilet.  She'll look me in the eye and agree not to poop on the floor and do just that when I turn around.

ZJ has had 3 colds in the last 3 months.  She had a follow up appointment with her cardiologist in February and everything looked good.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014 Pics

Carrots from the garden.
  photo IMG_20140301_135111_546_zps4cc4e4db.jpg

 English peas from the garden. The kids (and I) fight over these like they're candy.  photo IMG_20140302_130648_324_zps750796bd.jpg

We still find ZJ in peculiar places doing peculiar things on a frequent basis.  photo IMG_20140304_170445_707_zps6e8ffa38.jpg

ZJ does this and calls herself a pirate.  photo IMG_20140307_094903_302_zpsdc667158.jpg

IJ finished his winter soccer season with the 3-4 year olds and started the spring soccer season with 4-5 year olds.
  photo IMG_20140311_152516_846_zpsbe5fd9b0.jpg

ZJ and I had a sushi lunch with MP on my birthday. ZJ ate an entire order of avocado rolls among other things.
  photo IMG_20140312_112240_837_zps56edf7d5.jpg

The kids, on my birthday, wearing the hats they made and holding the gifts they gave me (socks and oven mitts).
  photo unnamed1_zpsbb08fbd2.jpg

 IJ wanted to be king for purim this year.
  photo IMG_20140314_083223_224_zpsf2eceb3f.jpg

 IJ and I saw a musical of Frog and Toad with MP for my birthday and enjoyed it.  photo IMG_20140315_124555_305_zps44802298.jpg

 photo IMG_20140321_101006_964_zps58dd0f3c.jpg

 Celebrating SM's upcoming wedding.  photo 1982080_10100374480944332_1759269437_n_zpsaccfcaff.jpg

IJ adopted a caterpillar found in our lettuce garden.  photo IMG_20140325_185600_892_zps4d711bee.jpg

 My kids are weird.
  photo IMG_20140328_140606_829_zpsa694d4bd.jpg

 ZJ ate 2 of my homemade spring rolls.
  photo IMG_20140328_180149_357_zpsb22e7140.jpg

ZJ loves to help our baby friends.  photo IMG_20140329_103623_408_zps09a84895.jpg

 photo IMG_20140329_173245_955_zps6ccea21c.jpg

IJ was accepted into his elementary school's dual language program. One out of the 7 kindergarten classes is dual language (through 5th grade) and there are 11 spots available for English speakers. There are usually about 150 applicants.
   photo unnamed_zpsc420e930.jpg

Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Pics

At the nursery to pick out our baby tomato plants.  photo IMG_20140201_090349_131_zps3f10f3e2.jpg

The kids loved this new train installation at a park we've been to a couple times.
 photo IMG_20140201_101556_142_zps2e88e78f.jpg

 photo IMG_20140201_101251_404_zpsf152ff13.jpg

 photo IMG_20140201_101534_693_zps154831f2.jpg

IJ has had a wet and cold winter soccer season.
 photo IMG_20140204_151043_197_zps677a8360.jpg

This is ZJ's new angry face, but she knows she looks silly and starts laughing when we do.
 photo IMG_20140206_122143_304_zpsd37612c5.jpg

Our monthly trip to the Children's Museum.
 photo IMG_20140208_093517_435_zpseeb2c357.jpg

 photo IMG_20140208_095937_794_zps64f9a3b9.jpg

New dress up clothes in IJ's class.
 photo IMG_20140212_091015_666_zps2b71e412.jpg

My Valentine's gifts to the kids.
 photo IMG_20140214_135811_163_zps79d4ba24.jpg

Spinach from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140216_144451_386_zps1bbe92be.jpg

 photo IMG_20140217_090305_508_zps190d3f96.jpg

Broccoli from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140219_104900_265_zps5a468ae7.jpg

Collard greens from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140221_161654_540_zpseac61d08.jpg

 photo Picture1_zpsfd862ede.png

I finally baked with ZJ.  We made muffins.  Amazingly, I avoided any disasters.
 photo IMG_20140224_113120_902_zps895b85e9.jpg

Today was Go Texan Day.
 photo IMG_20140228_084048_3361_zpsc0a2cad5.jpg

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 Pics

Still life with daddy.
  photo IMG_20140103_190848_998_zpse849fdb7.jpg 

Our monthly visit to the childrens' museum.  photo IMG_20140111_090657_715_zpsc80fe582.jpg

 photo IMG_20140111_091948_896_zps2c677c51.jpg

Pretending to be on the phone.
 photo IMG_20140114_102546_744_zps11afcf7a.jpg

She put these dinosaur eggs in her dress and called them her "mama meemees."
 photo IMG_20140115_082915_027_zps5ccdaaba.jpg

A very rare nap.
 photo IMG_20140115_103505_616_zps29f0cacf.jpg

She found a new perch.
 photo IMG_20140115_120310_993_zpsf7d046ac.jpg

 photo IMG_20140116_132518_939_zpsb8947e55.jpg

 photo IMG_20140118_102315_546_zps466e8880.jpg

 photo IMG_20140121_102308_770_zps81e6e221.jpg

ZJ likes the lettuce straight from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140121_102513_600_zps79602c95.jpg

Pretending to drink coffee.
 photo IMG_20140124_125511_177_zpsbbba877c.jpg

IJ had 2 "snow days" this month.
 photo IMG_20140124_151008_800_zpsea701030.jpg

This fell from the sky!
 photo IMG_20140128_124254_249_zps7e006734.jpg

Thursday, January 9, 2014

IJ is 4 1/2 years old!

 photo 45yearssmall_zps63ae8ddd.png

IJ is wearing mostly 4t clothes now but still a few 3t and size 9 shoes.

IJ has developed a lot academically since turning 4.  He's now in pre-K Monday through Friday 9-12:45, where they keep him quite busy with crafts, science experiments, books, story telling and lots of playing.  They focus on a new letter of the alphabet each week and a different theme or 2 each month.  Every Friday they have show-and-tell that must relate to the current theme/letter to practice public speaking.  We recently completed a large Kindergarten workbook that he very much enjoyed and he plays a few educational computer games every few days.  He practices his math and spelling at the easel.  He's very good at telling us what letter a word starts with and moved on to figuring out the ending and middle/vowel letters of 3 letter words.  We are still practicing spelling these short words.  He can count syllables in words quite well.  His interest in puzzles increased so I pulled out some I've kept and he's helped me complete several big puzzles up to 200 pieces.  IJ talks nonstop and has started with the endless, typically ridiculous "what if" questions.

IJ got to trick or treat for Halloween for the first time this year.  NJ took him around on our street and then he brought his treats home where the "switch witch" took them and brought a toy in their place.  He got a Lego mini figure and was happy with that.  He then gave out candy to a few kids at our house.

IJ's favorite place to play is outside.  We took the training wheels off IJ's bike a few weeks ago and he did really well.  We credit his balance skills with his balance bike experience at his school playground.  We started off with short rides on our street but he has gone around the neighborhood on 30+ minute rides a couple times now.  He is likes riding his scooter around but gets tired much quicker.  Inside his favorite activities are reading books, playing games, Legos and automoblox.

IJ finished his first soccer season in November and enjoyed it so we signed him up for the winter session which begins this week.  The program he's in meets once a week for 45 minutes of fun skill building games and then a scrimmage.  They meet at the park right by our house so we just walk over each week.

IJ seems to really enjoy playing with his sister now that she understands him and can communicate back.  He also has times when he does not want to be bothered by her.  He teaches her many bad habits which causes lots of problems for all of us.

IJ is now in a forward facing car seat which he is very happy about.  He goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and sleeps about 12 hours.  He has become very picky about eating dinner and has frequently gone to bed without eating much of anything.

IJ has had 3-4 colds in the last 6 months and one day of extreme fatigue where he probably had a quick virus.