Sunday, August 28, 2016

July 2016 Pics

IJ making his own birthday pie.
 photo Picture6_zpsyoyb2vw3.png

Both born July 6. 7 and 13 years old.
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 photo Picture4_zpshwz8sly2.png

NJ took the kids to Dallas (I stayed home) for IJ's birthday trip to Legoland.
 photo 13600150_10153536657206268_8200575211166551503_n_zpsd9ndlvut.jpg

 photo 13600361_10153536657251268_2596657044836799429_n_zpsy0ovafbe.jpg

 photo 13620750_10153536657301268_6821364877832023363_n_zpslycuhhvv.jpg

Out to breakfast at a new restaurant.
 photo 20160718_082209_zps6wtdj4yi.jpg

 photo 20160718_084616_zpscialtq6l.jpg

Trip to Austin...
 photo Picture2_zpskgaz4gpo.png

 photo 20160725_160340_zpsgsythkcx.jpg

We ran into friends from Houston that recently moved to Austin at the nature center, unplanned.
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 photo Picture1_zpsrlexmq5n.png

Friday, July 8, 2016

IJ's 7th birthday parties

On July 4th we had a small birthday party for IJ and just invited close family and friends. IJ chose what to serve, including a blueberry agua fresca. He even made his own chocolate ganache pie.

 photo 20160704_155254_zps4dhfpx9h.jpg

 photo 111_zpspjo87ene.png

 photo 20160704_160632_zpsbymql6ag.jpg

IJ opened his gifts. Both his sister and Ms C were anxious to help him.
 photo Picture1_zpspsql50og.png

 photo IMG_0576_zpssnm6xwww.jpg

His favorite party guest.
 photo 20160704_171803_zpsij7ainnt.jpg

On IJ's actual birthday we had lunch with his friends from school to make the day special. He had an ice cream despite this picture looking like he missed out on a treat.

 photo 20160706_133211_zpsayl2ukyn.jpg

IJ's 7 year pictures

 photo IMG_0608_zpsgsev1vdt.jpg

 photo IMG_0609_zpsvcld4yly.jpg

 photo IMG_0603_zps2409swcd.jpg

 photo Picture1_zpsnk48jzjy.png

IJ is 7 years old!

 photo 7 years small_zpstltlaf4d.png

IJ weighs over 48 pounds now and is 3' 10" tall. He is still wearing size 12 shoes. IJ is quite independent now. We still help with brushing his teeth but he can handle the rest of his self care including making breakfast for himself and his sister. He doesn’t always make the best wardrobe choices on his own though. IJ is kind and caring. He doesn’t treat other kids rudely or have any instinct to exclude anyone. He doesn’t take opportunities to make fun of other kids. He has a kind heart. He cares for all living creatures and loves his dogs. He was very upset when one of them was “put to sleep” this year. He’s very gentle and will do anything for his sister despite her frequently being rude or hurting him.

Academically IJ did wonderfully in first grade. He received all As on every report card in each subject. School work is easy for him despite learning in Spanish. He started the school year at a level 8 in his Spanish reading, the same level he finished kindergarten at and he ended at a level 18-20. IJ’s teacher says his Spanish is impressive and better than some native speakers. Despite this, he had an N on each report card for “use of time and materials” because he talked too much and avoided work when he didn’t feel like working. Socially he struggled. He feels he is ignored and picked on. He says kids don’t listen to him and treat him rudely. He had an N on 2 of the 4 report cards for “getting along with peers.” He quit playing soccer at recess because of how the other children act. He didn’t get invited to play dates but we started hosting play dates at the end of the school year to try to improve how he felt socially. This summer we’ve continued to see a few friends from class and a few friends we’ve made in other ways.

IJ started weekly guitar lessons early on during first grade, each Sunday. He has improved dramatically and plays really well. He participated in Fall and Spring soccer again at the YMCA. We continued to coach this year and as the last season was ending I realized it wasn’t benefiting IJ. He was on a team with the kids from his class that don’t respect him and he doesn’t enjoy being coached by his parents. So, we will be moving on to another club next fall.

IJ still loves legos and he plays with them more than any other toys but spends a lot of time in imaginative play with his sister. He absolutely loves to play with her and hates to be alone. He will carry his legos around the house so he can be near someone while he plays. He loves to read and got into novels during 1st grade. He started with Magic Treehouse books reading the few we owned and then getting them from the school library. He tried a few other series from the library and didn’t find anything he wanted to read several of. Then he started on Roald Dahl books and has continued with them this summer. He and I have been reading the Oz series of 14 books which we started in the Fall. I try to read a chapter or so to him every day and we’re both enjoying them. We are on book 7. IJ loves to play outside with his sister and go to the pool. He can swim, but not very efficiently and he will only go short distances before he wants to stand or hold onto something. He also likes creating art and loves to find objects (garbage) and stick them together. He has some spirographs that he’s enjoyed creating art with. IJ loves to cuddle his parents and his sister.

IJ almost made it the entire school year with no absences but with a few weeks left of the school year he got strep throat and had to miss 1 day. He lost 4 more teeth this year for a total of 6. IJ didn’t need quite as much sleep this school year but still went to bed between 7 and 7:30 pm to be up by 6:30 am. This summer he often goes to sleep at 8 or later but continues to wake up early. He still has compulsions and keeps his fingers near his nose while waiting on things.

See last year here.

Pictures from his previous birthdays:

 photo 6 years of pics_zpsgkdqv3rw.png

Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 2016 Pics

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IJ made pizzas and salad for dinner. He chopped the veggies, sauteed toppings and assembled pizzas.
 photo Picture11_zpsaxie1xs0.png

A visit to the children's museum and ninja turtle crafts we took home to make and wear later.
 photo Picture10_zpsb4ipk3fo.png

 photo Picture9_zpsldtvhfkg.png

IJ and I had a fancy snack during ZJ's last morning of camp.
 photo Picture8_zpszvoo2sj8.png

Both kids participated in a lego competition at a toy store. IJ made a snow cone shop and ZJ made "Sparkle's Ship Boat."
 photo Picture2_zpshjz5ktyz.png

 photo Picture1_zpsz63hiaom.png

Father's Day
 photo Picture7_zpsxkzjn6zs.png

ZJ was given a vintage cabbage patch by her great grandma.
 photo Picture6_zpscjo3s2f0.png

 photo Picture5_zpse794ozqk.png

Both kids had a dentist visit. ZJ let them do a little more this time. Her teeth were each touched by the metal instrument. That was all she'd allow. IJ had a full cleaning.
 photo Picture4_zpskkx53gqo.png

The kids rode their bikes to our juice shop while I ran. This was the most Z had ridden yet, 2 miles round trip. We had acai bowls.
 photo Picture3_zpssjjsrr9w.png

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

trip to San Antonio

We had a quick 2 day trip to San Antonio in early June.  photo Picture12_zpsi7klnvld.png

We headed to the park where we walked around, visited the Japanese Gardens, rode the train to the Children's Museum and back to the park again.
 photo Picture11_zps8s0c5j1r.png

 photo Picture10_zpsjkpp1egq.png

 photo Picture9_zpsutjj4cr8.png

 photo Picture8_zpsjvzboahu.png

 photo Picture7_zpszskaqj0f.png

 photo Picture6_zpstg7rdxqa.png

 photo Picture5_zpsmahy3x5k.png

That evening we checked out the Alamo and walked the Riverwalk. The next morning we took a picture at the Alamo as we were walking by, played cards at a coffee shop while waiting for the stores at La Villita to open, and then shopped at El Mercado.
 photo Picture4_zpsqpb4zruq.png

 photo Picture3_zps9viltouh.png

IJ chose a wrestling mask and ZJ chose a corn husk flower crown (I chose the Mexican dress she's wearing).
 photo Picture2_zpsd3ezsguy.png

 photo Picture1_zps3e6mshyp.png
6.5.2016 - 6.6.2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

May 2016 Pics

IJ was selected to read morning announcements at school.  photo Picture15_zpslovuka3x.png

ZJ was so excited to find a mermaid costume during the ocean theme.
 photo Picture14_zpsmlr3hgq3.png

ZJ posing with our zinnias.
 photo Picture13_zpsbvihzxrs.png

 photo Picture12_zpsa6swazjy.png

IJ's class had a commencement ceremony. He received an award for being knowledgeable.
 photo Picture11_zpso850jfpe.png

IJ competed in his school's triathlon for the second year.
 photo Picture2_zpsebovkfyw.png

 photo Picture10_zpsy36p5f8a.png

NJ was the mobile medic during the triathlon.
 photo Picture9_zpsnbszfmv1.png

I held a healthy snack sale and raffle to raise money for our school's new playground.
 photo Picture8_zps9jswevnn.png

IJ lost his first top tooth after a very long time in housing a very loose tooth that he was quite proud to turn 360 degrees around. We are unsure exactly how the tooth was lost.
 photo Picture7_zpshilahngr.png

NJ taught IJ to play chess.
 photo Picture6_zpssj7jpnoo.png

ZJ spilled her popcorn and she cleaned up like this, because that's how a butterfly would do it.
 photo Picture5_zpsclxs2lrx.png

IJ finished his 4th and likely final soccer season at the Y. We are moving on to a more structured, serious program. That also means he won't be on a team full of his classmates any longer and it will be the first season neither NJ or I will be coaching.
 photo Picture1_zpsnr55y84h.png

We went to a cool, new park on Memorial Day.
 photo Picture4_zpsviiyysnv.png

 photo Picture3_zps36rb6za1.png