Monday, December 30, 2013

December 2013 Pics

The only picture we took at Hanukkah.
  photo IMG_20131201_185058_404_zpse07ef964.jpg

ZJ posing with one of her new toys.
 photo IMG_20131204_104550_539_zps8aa3892a.jpg

I watched IJ zooming around the track at his school playground on a balance bike.
 photo IMG_20131204_134336_082_zpsd279ea58.jpg

Did you know you can grow new scallions by putting the cut root end scraps in water?  photo IMG_20131204_172740_483_zps8ac40632.jpg

I finally took a picture of the silly eye roll/face ZJ makes.
 photo Picture2_zps62cf7de4.png

 photo IMG_20131209_103923_151_zpsddf55239.jpg

 photo 121013_zps4e75d744.jpg

She copies EVERYTHING he does.
 photo IMG_20131212_140744_820_zps95f34384.jpg

 photo IMG_20131214_103043_165_zps0880abd5.jpg

No more training wheels.
 photo IMG_20131214_111840_436_zpsf143383f.jpg

 photo IMG_20131215_105145_553_zpsabd1a3ba.jpg

Daddy's been blow drying ZJ's hair after her bath.
 photo IMG_20131215_184515_137_zpsbbed03bc.jpg

ZJ has figured out the tricycle!
 photo IMG_20131219_090204_231_zps7eb46845.jpg

IJ and I made gingerbread cookies.
 photo IMG_20131219_133826_555_zpsd748b6c6.jpg

ZJ got a dress from S & M and as soon as I put it on her she started twirling all over the room.  I don't know where she got the idea from.
 photo IMG_20131225_092943_982_zps674a4d42.jpg

 photo tttt_zps369e2620.jpg

I finally got water beads for the kids to play with.  They grow from tiny hard balls to big squishy ones that the kids like to scoop, pour and play with.
 photo Picture1_zps8e1caeed.png

ZJ got to go through the fish tunnel at the zoo for the first time.
 photo IMG_20131227_091735_937_zps01145f9d.jpg

 photo IMG_20131227_103003_590_zpsbc928053.jpg

 photo IMG_20131227_105531_154_zpsd40ce35e.jpg

IJ and I put together my favorite childhood puzzle.  It says 5+ but it is quite difficult.
 photo IMG_20131229_120512_155_zpsf40c67fe.jpg

ZJ picked up the large leaves I was trimming (originally in better condition), held them over her head and started singing "rain, rain go away"
 photo IMG_20131229_152028_096_zps1f222e7b.jpg

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

professional family pics

We decided to do a holiday mini session with a photographer recommended by another mom in our neighborhood.  I had high hopes but we weren't happy with the pictures.  Yes a few of the kid pics are nice but several of them could have been better.  We thought photographers come equipped with tricks to make toddlers smile but not this one and ZJ wasn't about to fake smile for a stranger.  I also thought she'd give more direction on our posture/positioning.

 photo IMG_0472_zps2ea7b76d.jpg

 photo IMG_0477_zpse63bb2e2.jpg

 photo IMG_0483copy_zpsd6ef578e.jpg


This is IJ's "I'm pretending to not like ZJ kissing me" face.  If we knew this is what had been captured we could have redone it and asked him to smile.
 photo IMG_0501_zps787ae776.jpg

 photo 0522color_zps5f1a63b7.jpg

 photo IMG_0522copy_zps9eed1c8b.jpg

 photo IMG_0513_zps707661b1.jpg

 photo IMG_0518copy_zpsdfe942c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0528_zpsef579ea1.jpg

 photo IMG_0526copy_zpsf07369e8.jpg

Saturday, December 14, 2013

no more training wheels!

We took the training wheels off of IJ's bike a few days ago and he practiced a few times in the driveway that day. Today was the second time he's ridden without them and he did really well.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

IJ sings Hanukkah songs

The 2 pre K classes at IJ's school sang Hanukkah songs they'd been learning for seniors at the JCC. ZJ was hanging out with me and eating pretzels I was handing her until she decided she wanted in on the action, which you'll see.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 2013 Pics

ZJ went to the children's museum for the first time in over a year.  She loved it of course. 

 photo IMG_20131109_093215_901_zpsc740f577.jpg

 photo IMG_20131109_100238_746_zpsf2a285bf.jpg

 photo IMG_20131109_101936_220_zpsf44ba692.jpg

IJ's best school friend had a birthday party at a bounce house and both kids loved it.  I was very surprised that ZJ liked this slide and that IJ very patiently helped her up the stairs each time and then waited at the bottom.
 photo IMG_20131110_102744_918_zpse8b26e49.jpg

 photo IMG_20131110_111830_959_zpse8848690.jpg

IJ demanded to wear this hair clip to school.
 photo IMG_20131111_082327_513_zps89495c4d.jpg

ZJ was hiding when it was time to brush her teeth.
 photo IMG_20131113_080910_261_zpse991ba3c.jpg

She copies everything he does.  He stood on his pedals and she interpreted it this way.
 photo IMG_20131113_155707_229_zpsaba51165.jpg

I'm conquering my fear of yeast breads.  I made cinnamon rolls and this spelt flour loaf.
 photo IMG_20131118_182542_509_zps099f1276.jpg

 photo IMG_20131119_173330_113_zpsd3da3012.jpg

IJ's first soccer season ended.
 photo IMG_20131121_142933_374_zpsdce358a6.jpg

IJ's been learning about and crafting for thanksgiving and Hanukkah simultaneously at school.
 photo IMG_20131126_153356_484_zpsba93f67c.jpg

 photo IMG_20131127_084732_999_zps07b945a3.jpg

We FINALLY let the kids ride in a car grocery cart and they were super excited.
 photo IMG_20131129_151416_151_zps792ddc7f.jpg

NJ sold MY 10 year old car and bought a used truck.
 photo IMG_20131130_131348_076_zps08fdc8a5.jpg

 photo IMG_20131130_131414_687_zpsa2f4fc6d.jpg

Monday, November 4, 2013

IJ's art

IJ has improved his penmanship and drawing skills recently. Here are some examples from October.

He now signs in every morning at school by writing his first and last name.  photo Picture3_zps569deaa6.png

I thought this was a cute little self portrait.
 photo IMG_20131011_153758_231_zpsb3f9a1d9.jpg

Here's another self portrait plus daddy and ZJ. He is holding daddy's hand and made sure to draw ZJ's hair in her face.  Daddy obviously isn't wearing pants.
 photo IMG_20131011_153925_886_zpsf5f5b544.jpg

Another school project (on a pillowcase for some reason).
 photo IMG_20131030_133433_832_zpsd69aa3b8.jpg

This one is all his work but under the direction of daddy.  It was a birthday gift for grandma.
 photo IMG_20131027_095341_797_zps10da89c8.jpg