Thursday, May 6, 2010

IJG is 10 months old!


IJG is standing up everywhere now. Even with just a flat wall he can get up. He FINALLY started “big boy crawling” as opposed to army crawling almost exclusively. He only started this about 2 weeks ago. He can get around so much quicker now he has been investigating new areas of the house on a daily basis. He used to never leave the room he was in and now he will crawl out and into the next. He loves to travel around the kitchen and our bathroom and recently has been investigating our downstairs living room (which is totally not baby safe). The toilet and toilet paper are of great interest to him and I always have to close off that area when he is playing in the bathroom. He is beginning to take more and more steps while standing, but has been inconsistent. We’ve seen him walk while holding onto his window sill and also with the kitchen cabinets, but he is not yet doing it regularly.

IJG had his second bloody accident this month. This happened under grandma's care during their second visit this month. He had a bloody nose from falling against the corner of his bookshelf. She’s keeping up tradition of grandmas injuring first born sons in her family.

IJG loves to be tickled and his tickle places keep growing. He likes to lick every smooth surface he comes in contact with. He also likes to chew on cabinet knobs and door stops. His favorite toys right now are his wooden ring stacker, his rolling activity center (because he can stand at it and play), and unconventional things like the drawstring on daddy's scrub pants, the nasal bulb syringe, springy door stops, and kitchen utensils. He looks for tiny things to examine on the floor like single hairs or fibers from a rug. Anything new, that he has never seen before is the best toy ever. He's pretty good at entertaining himself with investigating all of these objects and areas.

We’ve been working with IJG to wave by waving and saying “hi” or “bye” when someone is coming or going. He has started waving in the last week (when he feels like it). He also learned to put his hands up over his head when he has finished eating and we yell "All Done." I sing a song that teaches clapping and opening and shutting hands. He still won’t clap but has started mimicking the open shut motion…just not when I’m singing the song! Grandma taught him to fake cough during her first of two visits this month and he picked this up immediately. He does this constantly, thinks it’s hilarious, and has started doing it every time I sing him a song. He has started opening the velcro on his diapers if we don't put clothes on him. He opens one side and then goes back to whatever activity he's doing.


He has started looking under his crib or the bed if his toy goes under. It's so cute. He leans over, knocks his head on the floor and looks. Then he tries to reach for the toy and often just hits it in further so he can keep playing this game. He has also started trying to roll or throw a ball back to us when we roll it to him. He still will "kiss" our cheeks when we kiss him, and now he will instigate this without us kissing him first by attacking us with kisses. IJG had his first bike ride on the back of daddy's bike and his second time in a swimming pool. He enjoyed both.

His schedule has not changed much in regards to eating, sleeping, or school. He has been more consistently sleeping from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am instead of waking up closer to 5:00 am. This is much appreciated. I haven't introduced any new foods this month. He is eating larger portions. He still can't handle many chunky or solid foods, but he is doing well with chunkier soft fruits. I've been chopping and mashing things like mangoes, kiwis, and peaches and mixing them with cereal and he does fine. He still is quite happy to go to school, but also always happy to see me return.

He got one more tooth this month, number eight, that never came in when it's pair made an appearance.

IJG has been sick twice this month, with both he became congested and the second had an accompanying fever. He developed ear infections both times. I started him on a natural ear oil (Wally's Ear Oil), liquid vitamin drops, and he had his first (and second) visit to a chiropractor. He did well and only cried for a very short time after his neck was adjusted the first time and not at all the second time.

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