Monday, December 6, 2010

IJG is 17 months old!

12.6.10 (wearing his daddy's watch so he'd sit still)

This month IJG started saying keys, star, hello, there, and dog. He can point to lots of body parts and can identify squares, circles and his favorite, stars (which he finally got to see in the sky). He is starting to understand puzzles and put the pieces near their correct location but doesn’t work to fit them into their places. He learns new things very quickly and easily. He can now reach things off of the edges of counters. He gives hugs on demand but only kisses if he’s in the mood. He has also started kissing his toys. He has yet to understand kissing on the cheek.

IJG likes playing with his skill size soccer ball and does ‘throw ins’ and kicks. He likes gymnastics at school and we are told how brave and adventurous he is in class. He is very attached to his blanket lately and it has to go everywhere he does. He now refuses to breastfeed without his blanket in his arms. He also likes to put it over his head and walk around the room bumping into things. He likes taking his clothes off, especially while in his car seat or crib. He has finally realized he can feed the dogs from his high chair and takes great joy in all the attention he now gets. He has started noticing airplanes and helicopters in the sky and big trucks that go by. He is still way into talking on the phone and now we know when he is on a call because he starts saying “hewoe, hewoe” with the “phone” he has chosen.

When he meets other kids he often points at (and touches) their clothes and pets their hair. I don’t see other kids doing this so I don’t understand why he does it. He has quite a temper and has no problem hitting, kicking, pinching, and head butting when he is angry. He will also have a fit and fall on the floor.

IJG has been sleeping 11-12 hours at night. He usually goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 pm and wakes between 7:00 and 7:30 am. His afternoon nap has been 1.5 to 2 hours in length starting around 12:30 pm.

IJG continues to eat very well and share all of our meals. We added pineapple, orange, and grapefruit to his fruit repertoire this month and he had his first latke during Hanukkah (homemade).

He had one cold this month with a bit of fever.

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