Sunday, March 6, 2011

IJG is 20 months old!


IJG started saying (28 new words) mama, oww, boom, wow, dip dip (always twice), open, water, more, tissue, peepee, pear, egg, booboo, apple, hi, elbow, hot, gar(bage), bike, mail, baby, bee, bug, bus, walk (waa waa), door, rock, and cat this month bringing his total to 55 words more than doubling the amount he was saying last month, again. He is also finally saying “bye” again instead of “daa” as he changed it to for several months. He really tries to say lots of words now, some not counted because he hasn’t repeated them much or doesn’t say them very clearly yet. He still has never put two or more words together. We are working on it. He also likes to have lengthy discussions with himself in gibberish.

IJG is improving his skills in dressing/undressing himself and when he’s trying to get dressed he does not want help. He is quite skilled with a fork and spoon. He is improving his puzzle skills. He has started trying to grab pictures of things out of his books and sometimes gets frustrated when he can’t get them. He often points to things he’s been told not to touch and says “no no” in passing or as he touches them anyway. He will also see similar things in new spaces that he’s never been told not to touch and say “no no” about them. He loves to label everything as “mama” or “dada” depending on who it belongs to or who uses it. He still likes to hug and kiss the dogs, other kids at the park, and us. Although, last week he was very rough with the kids in his class and we are not sure why but think he decided he did not want to be there. He does not act like that with other kids he is around.

IJG had one very mild cold this month and just had a bit of snot. His schedule changed a bit since he wasn’t falling asleep well for naps, I moved his snack time back to 10 am, lunch time to noon, and nap to 1 pm. His nursing strike ended and he went back to nursing about four times a day. His night sleeping has been crazy. He started the month waking every night at random times, screaming, and only wanting to sleep in our bed for the rest of the night. Somtimes not wanting to sleep at all and staying awake for several hours. Then he got a bit better but was waking around 5:30 am and not wanting to go back to sleep. He now does a mix of both, some early waking, some middle of the night, and some good nights in his own bed. His afternoon naps have been long. 2.5-3 hours regularly.

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