Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ZJ is 2 months old!


ZJ is now 10 pounds 2 ounces and 22 inches long. She has beautiful grayish eyes. She spent most of the month sleeping during the day and wanting to be up at night. She would have nightly screaming fits and want to be carried about and rocked. Just these past few days she has been sleeping most of the night and waking to eat but not staying up for hours. It still seems like she sleeps most of the day though. She generally eats every 2-3 hours with some cluster feeds during the day and has been going one longer stretch at night closer to 4 hours.

ZJ hates riding in the car, so if she is not asleep she is screaming until she falls asleep. She likes warm baths and being rocked or jiggled. She also likes hanging out on the bathroom counter where we change diapers. She doesn't yet interact with us or even really seem to look at our faces. She is just starting to make some cooing noises, is holding her head up more often but for short periods of time and will support her weight with her legs. She has mastered the art of breastfeeding and it is of course her favorite thing of all.

She has a very loving brother who wants to hold and kiss and play with her. He brings her his toys to have and always wants to cover her with a blanket.

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