Friday, January 6, 2012

ZJ is 3 months old!


ZJ is now looking into our eyes, "talking" and smiling. She mostly says "gooo" but it is so sweet and cute sounding. She will also look around at other things like her brother playing or the wooden play gym she lays under. She tolerates laying on her back or stomach and wiggling while looking around for quite a while if she is happy (not tired or hungry). She loves to be in the tub. She is staying awake longer each day but still cat naps all day long. She still hates car rides.

ZJ now falls asleep around midnight, sleeps 4-5 hours, eats, then wakes every 3 hours or so to eat after that. She will either sleep straight through (just waking to eat) for 10-12 hours or stay awake for an hour or so mid morning before having a long nap to "finish off" her night. She has in the last week had a couple earlier bed times so I am hoping she is starting to shift to a more reasonable time. I am not getting enough sleep going to bed with her and waking up when IJ wakes in the morning.

She has had 2 colds this month. The first was very mild with a little bit of a drippy nose. The second brought on more congestion and took just over 2 weeks to go away completely. She can thank her brother for both of these colds.

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