Monday, February 6, 2012

ZJ is 4 months old!


ZJ loves to have a conversation and make eye contact, watch her brother play, take a bath, wiggle on the counter naked and be worn. She is finally staying awake in the carrier and looking around for a while if not ready for a nap. She can hold her head up quite high when on her stomach and is starting to get her chest up. She is also attempting to lift her legs and arms while on her tummy. She no longer crosses her eyes. She drools quite a bit. She makes a few sounds when talking and will do a strange giggle if I tickle her just right upon occasion. She still hates car rides and screams till she is red, sweaty and exhausted. She eats/sucks her hands a lot and has just started finding her thumb to suck sometimes. She has rolled over from front to back twice, by accident, on the kitchen counter. I watched her trying again once but she got stuck on her arm.

ZJ began going to sleep around 10 pm earlier this month and just in the last week started falling asleep for the night between 7:00 and 8:00 pm!!! Along with the earlier bedtime she began condensing her naps to typically 3 a day. One in the morning, a long one around noon and one late afternoon/early evening.

She had one mild cold this month just after turning 3 months old and it was again, gifted from her brother. Her "official" weight at her Dr's office was 11 pounds. This is hard to believe and a very small weight gain since her last weigh of about 10 pounds at 2 months. Our scale shows closer to 12-13 pounds now.

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