Friday, July 6, 2012

ZJ is 9 months old!


ZJ is now 16 pounds and 27 inches long.

ZJ is completely mobile and getting into everything. She started getting up into a sitting position on her own and shortly after, started crawling. It changed the whole dynamic in our home. Her brother now has to keep his toys out of her reach and worries about her “getting” them. I can no longer walk out of a room and expect her in the same spot when I return. She gets more adventurous and crawls greater distances each day. She loves to grab a lamp cord in the living room and I’ve had to relocate some fragile things. She will leave the room when her brother and I are playing and just take off on her own adventure searching out things to chew. She will still fall backwards on occasion but does it less frequently each week.

ZJ has been feeding herself dinner and just having a few tastes of things at other times of day. She seems to like everything we’ve given her and I think she is starting to actually consume a bit more. She still mainly smears it all over herself and then goes straight to the tub for a bath. She likes to share our smoothies and popsicles too.

She has lost whatever sleeping schedule she had. Her morning nap keep going later and later which sometimes means she ends up with only one middle of the day nap. When she has an afternoon nap, she is waking up too early. She is generally exhausted by 4 pm. Then there are nights when she won’t go to sleep and on the tired nights where she does fall asleep early, she usually wakes throughout the evening screaming. She does at least, typically sleep until a decent time in the morning.

ZJ got one cold from her brother this month.  She spent one day sneezing and snotty and had a cranky evening, but by the following day was fine.

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Sarah said...

Love her! Can't wait to see you guys. Happy Birthday to her big bro!