Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 2014 Pics

A couple pics from June that never got posted.
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The morning of our trip to Florida, which happened to be pride parade day, while Mikey was distracting the kids.
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Boxcar Willie tomato from the garden.
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IJ on his birthday with his new bed.
 photo Picture12_zps2864e4c9.png

ZJ sleeping in her "new" bed.
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Lacinato kale from the garden.  This is my favorite type of kale.
 photo Picture8_zpsac0a28df.png

At the Y pool.
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 photo Picture15_zps57d1a323.png

Jalapenos from the garden.  We've only had these 2 so far.
 photo Picture6_zpsd7310813.png

ZJ climbing at the covered playground, next to the indoor pool where IJ has swim lessons.
 photo Picture5_zps384232eb.png

Soyo cucumbers from the garden.  We got 3 before the plant died.
 photo Picture2_zps20fa723a.png

We went to the med center one day to meet MP for lunch and ride the light rail.  The kids loved it.
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IJ's been found in a variety of unusual positions when I check on him before I go to bed since moving to his new bed.  Only once did I find him on the floor though.  He sleeps very deeply and will sleep though any noise or movement unlike his sister.
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