Sunday, October 12, 2014

ZJ's 3rd birthday party

We celebrated ZJ's birthday last Sunday with just a few friends and family. I made her a triple layer pumpkin chocolate chip cake with thin layers of chocolate butter cream in between. She loved it of course and ate every bit of her serving. She was excited until the candle flames came near her and then she got scared. photo Picture1_zps9d11b25a.png

She quickly recovered and took blowing out her candles very seriously.
 photo Picture3_zpsaace49a0.png

 photo Picture2_zps94dfc87c.png

 photo Picture4_zps7be9e881.png

She got lots of exciting gifts. Below is the book IJ bought her with his own money. He also gave her a small puzzle.
 photo IMG_0124_zpsaeb23f64.jpg

She was amazed by her "gabba friends" as she calls them, seen below. She also got a nurse kit, pop together bead set, peppa pig family and car, 100 piece puzzle, clothes and balance bike.
 photo IMG_0131_zpsaa732060.jpg

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