Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February 2015 Pics

100th day of school. Making a cereal necklace with 100 Os was just one of the activities that day at school.
 photo Picture20_zpsibqtnika.png

IJ's class garden.
 photo Picture18_zpsmzg00qpq.png

 photo Picture17_zpsasogwbhe.png

ZJ had her annual cardiology appointment and doesn't have to go back for 18 months. Everything looked good.
 photo Picture16_zpsnpl2r2sr.png

A rare soccer practice that wasn't freezing.
 photo Picture15_zpsxnzwol4k.png

IJ and I made cute pencil Valentines for his class.
 photo Picture19_zpsgjs3symn.png

My Valentines from the kids.
 photo Picture14_zpsyuzsuzcb.png

Delivering lettuce from the garden to a neighbor.
 photo Picture13_zpstyexi4ko.png

Her first haircut! She actually let me cut it.
 photo Picture12_zpsf1sl4zkn.png

 photo Picture11_zpsvb8xddv2.png

 photo Picture10_zpswvwble6t.png

Go Texan day.
 photo Picture9_zpsbctyqpn0.png

We went to a party with face painting and horses.
 photo Picture7_zps7sujvqeb.png

Tiger face take 2.
 photo Picture6_zpsiw8perz7.png

 photo Picture5_zpsw3l6zx59.png

 photo Picture4_zpssrzakmaz.png

 photo Picture8_zpsgffrzksu.png

 photo Picture3_zpsktwmrzzl.png

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