Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September 2015 Pics

ZJ started drawing a wide variety of things. This day was robots.
 photo Picture12_zps7jguznan.png

IJ started guitar lessons. This is his fancy new left handed acoustic guitar.
 photo Picture2_zpsi3koxkfu.png

ZJ started preschool!!!
 photo Picture11_zpsqzu92oic.png

Her school changes themes each week. The first was all about bees.
 photo Picture10_zpsqamxmyn6.png

Every day there is an art and cooking project. The O bracelet was the cooking project.
 photo Picture9_zpspqt0uacw.png

Two days each week the kids can have a tea party. They have to invite a friend, set the table, make a sandwich and lemonade to share, serve each other and wash their dishes when they're done.
 photo Picture8_zps7ckhn4mb.png

 photo Picture7_zpsk1mrrrww.png

On Fridays ZJ stays at school longer and packs a lunch. This was her first packed lunch and she helped make it.
 photo Picture6_zpsrjeltbji.png

IJ had 100% positive marks in his first week's visit to the literary center at school.
 photo Picture5_zpsprh0d49f.png

There's an easel set up for painting any time at ZJ's school. She painted her daddy with facial hair.
 photo Picture4_zpspj1cpkc9.png

 photo Picture3_zpsatoi4j3m.png

 photo Picture1_zpsu7jnhgna.png

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