Friday, August 6, 2010

IJG is 13 months old!


IJG still likes climbing up stairs, pointing and clapping. He likes playing hide and seek with his blanket or in the curtains in the kitchen. He started walking a few days ago, but hasn’t since! I’m glad I have the video evidence because otherwise I would question if it actually happened. He understands a lot. He will point to his books if I ask him where they are, he knows what I’m saying if I ask if he’s hungry. He has started dancing when we play music, and now points at the radio when it is off and starts dancing. I assume this is his way of asking me to turn it on.

He is working on 5 new teeth all at once. He currently has the front 8. His lower left molar is coming in and all 4 canines. The four molars generally appear next, so it is a little out of order for him to get the canines in first.

I gave him his first haircut this month. First I just trimmed around his ears and neck, but recently I took some off the front because it was getting in his eyes.

For the first time ever he is crying when I leave him at school. He has done this every day for the last 2 weeks. As soon as they take him from me he starts screaming and tries to turn back to stay with me.

IJG’s schedule has remained the same this month. He has finally started eating finger foods other than cheerios (organic Os actually). I’ve tried for quite a while and he wasn’t into it, then one day he just started eating everything I put in front of him. I still spoon feed him breakfast, but he feeds himself lunch, which consists of a couple types of veg, a grain, and a vegetarian protein (beans or chickpeas so far). He has Os and fruit for his snack and then dinner is either similar to lunch or I spoon feed him a mix of things. New foods he’s had this month are grapes, figs, apricots (fresh), plums, great northern beans, whole wheat bread and pasta, and brown rice. He eats orange veg, especially sweet potato, like it’s candy and can’t get enough. I’ve started supplementing with soy milk because I’ve had major milk supply issues. I am still breastfeeding 4-5 times a day though, but add soy to his food and to the breast milk he takes to school if needed.

IJG was sick once this month. He had a cold that was short lived and didn’t seem to affect him very much. One week later he had his scheduled myringotomy and ear tube placement. The surgeon said his right ear was full of puss and fluid and the left ear wasn’t quite as bad. The surgery was over in about 8 minutes and I was able to breastfeed him in the recovery room, and feed him once we got home. He had a 4 hour nap that afternoon but otherwise acted fairly normal. He is doing well so far. We will see how he fares with future colds and illnesses. Since some of you are likely to question our decision to have this procedure done, but on the other hand are unlikely to voice your concerns directly to us, I will state my reasoning here. I believe my child was suffering. We tried many forms of “natural” remedies and treatments. I strongly believe in trying natural remedies before more invasive or higher risk ones, but I do not believe in causing or supporting unnecessary suffering when natural remedies fail to produce improvement after a reasonable period of time and there are alternative treatments available.

Here he is pre and post surgery.

Here is a video of IJG feeding himself some mixed veg. Notice how he eats all his peas a good boy.

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