Wednesday, April 6, 2011

IJG is 21 months old!


IJG is still talking up a storm but we stopped tracking and counting words. The only words he puts together are “all done” but I don’t count that because he learned it as one. He figured out how to turn door knobs and open doors recently so it is harder to contain him now. He loves saying “bye bye” and closing the door and leaving the room. He often closes his dada in the bathroom in the morning and then gets upset when he can’t get back in because that door is harder for him to open from the outside. He likes wrapping his doggie in a blanket and patting it or carrying it around. I think he learned this from watching the girls in his class play with the dolls. He still loves trucks and cars and loves getting to school to play with the ones there. He gets very upset when his dada goes to work in the morning whether he sees him leave or it happens before he wakes. We also have to discuss where dada is several times a day. IJG learned to drink from a straw after we went out to eat without his sippy cup one night. I've switched his sippy cup into a straw cup so that is how he drinks now.

IJG’s schedule has remained the same. He has stopped waking during the night but is waking much earlier than he had been a few months ago. He is often up by 6:30 am after going to bed around 8:00 pm. I noticed his bottom 2 year molars were coming in during the time he was waking and screaming during the night and I think his sleeping problems were due to that.

He started acting normally again at school and less rough. His odd behavior only lasted a couple weeks. He hasn’t been sick this month except for an ugly sounding cough, not sure if it is allergy related, but that was it.

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