Friday, April 6, 2012

IJ is 33 months old!


IJ is talking up a storm and never stops. He uses full sentences and the occasional word that makes me wonder where he heard it. He memorizes songs and things he learns from TV and likes to reenact what he has seen others do. He recently started talking to every and any stranger he sees. His favorite phrase now is to say "I'm big" until they acknowledge him. I'm working on making him realize he does not need attention from everyone. He also just started asking "why" after anything I say and then again after my answer, and on and on. It is quite annoying. It's not that he is just being inquisitive I think it is just a game he is playing.

He still loves all vehicles but tools are a newer obsession of his. He wants to "fix" everything. His other love is to play outside. He will play with his trucks and rocks in the backyard for hours and loves to play in the sand box at the park. He also loves to go to school and does not even hesitate anymore when I drop him off. He doesn't even say goodbye or notice when I leave.

He still only wears diapers at night and sometimes at nap time (only if he is due to poop). But he only pees in the toilet, pooping is a whole other story which he somehow controls to only go in his diapers almost exclusively upon waking up. His poop is still not right so we did 2 months on a probiotic that appeared to be helping but did not completely resolve the problem so he is now on a month long gluten free diet to see if gluten is the problem. I did finally find out that he will tell us when he needs to pee, it's just that he waits till he really needs to go. I was always bringing him to go before he got to that point so I thought he would not tell us.

IJ moved to a new house and transitioned quite well. We went through almost a month of having to evacuate the house at some times only an hour's notice if we had a house showing and then the house shopping which he did not enjoy. If we looked at a vacant house it was fine because he could run around. If it was occupied we had to hold on to him and he did not like it. If there were toys in the house because kids lived there it was hopeless. House shopping usually ended in tears. He did fine with the transition to the new house. The first few days with open boxes everywhere were not great but once things were put away he was fine. We avoided having him around during the move by sending him to school for an extra day. It would have been impossible with him there.

IJ has had about 3 colds since turning 2.5 years old. All were mild and didn't seem to affect him much. He has also learned to blow his nose which is helpful.

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