Friday, April 6, 2012

ZJ is 6 months old!


ZJ is a happy girl and very rarely cries. She does scream though. When she gets tired besides rubbing her face on me or with her hands she screams repeatedly until I can nurse her to sleep. She also screams if she wants to be held rather than be on the floor, which is frequently, because she loves to be held (as she should!).

She finally started rolling and actually did front to back and back to front at virtually the same time. Along with starting to roll she was able to balance a few seconds in a sitting position at the same time, but definitely can't sit unassisted. She also began reaching for objects/toys and bringing them to her mouth. She plays with the toys on her bouncer seat, the ones hanging from her play gym and sometimes random toys but isn't too interested in holding them yet. She definitely prefers reaching for suspended toys.

ZJ continues to work on her mohawk with the middle strip of her hair growing longer and longer while the sides stay flat and short.

Her schedule has pretty much remained the same with 2-3 naps and 11-12 hours at night although when she learned to roll she stopped nursing to sleep for a few days and wanted to just keep rolling on the bed. She does occasionally wake up early and not go back to sleep. She still breastfeeds 3 times during her night (or 2 when she occasionally doesn't go back to sleep after the last).

ZJ moved to a new house this month and did pretty well. She spent moving day on me, allowing me to get nothing done. She barely slept all day because I had nowhere to put her and she didn't sleep long on me. I finally got her to sleep on IJ's mattress on the floor in the new house that afternoon and she woke up 20 minutes later.

ZJ weighs just over 14 pounds and is 25.5 inches long. She was sick once this month with a cold/congestion.

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