Monday, October 8, 2012

ZJ is 12 months old!


ZJ is a fast crawler and can pull up and walk along walls and furniture.  She opens my cabinets and tries to pull everything out.  She is perfecting her clapping and waving.  She loves playing in water and exploring in the grass.  She loves her mama and will crawl out of the room after her if left with others.  She is often completely content on mama's hip but when put down will instantly start screaming and crying.  She has a temper and will head butt walls and things when she's mad and sometimes just for fun.

ZJ still has a random schedule.  She takes one or two naps a day with highly variable lengths.  She always fights going to sleep at night but I've finally realized she likes being rocked to sleep and usually relaxes and falls asleep quickly.  She still occasionally wants to play during the night.  She usually falls asleep by 8 and sleeps for 10-12 hours.  She breastfeeds around the clock (several times a night) and sleeps right next to mama all night.  She eats lunch and dinner at the table, mostly feeding herself chunks of fruits and veggies.  She has never appeared to dislike a food and eats everything we give her.  She still has just 4 teeth.

ZJ was sick once this month with a snotty cold.  The problem was she continued to cough from being sick the previous month.  She had several coughing fits during the night that would wake her up.  She is still congested but I'm starting to think it is now from allergies because she seems worse after we come inside and now with the windows open.

ZJ weighs 17.5 pounds and is 28 inches long.

Below are her pictures from the last year and compare to her brother's here.



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