Monday, January 7, 2013

ZJ is 15 months old!


ZJ has added a few words this month.  She says "hi" now and says some version of "ball" and "baby" since we've worked on those.  I ask her if she wants mama milk when she wants to breastfeed and I've gotten her to answer by saying "mama."  She will now come up to me and start chanting "mama mama my" when she wants milk.  She has finally started pointing this month and usually says "buh" as she points at things.  She is at the stage where she is starting to understand a lot and respond to our words.  Her new dancing style is to take lots of tiny steps while walking in circles, which she'll do on command.  She's decided she no longer needs to get down from a few places backwards and will now sit on the edge and slide off, landing on her feet.  I introduced water to her in a straw cup and she figured it out right away.  She thinks it's the funnest thing ever to drink out of it, chew on it and spill it.

ZJ loves to sit and dig in dirt or mulch.  Luckily she has begun bringing me things she finds on the floor or ground instead of putting everything in her mouth.

ZJ finally has her own bed.  We have a twin size, organic mattress on the floor in her room and she now takes her daily nap there. 

ZJ's four molars are just starting to come in.  A couple have broken through her gums and they look painful.

Her sleeping schedule has remained about the same.  She still wakes several times through the evening but is sleeping better during the first part of the night and still waking frequently during the early morning hours.  ZJ was sick twice this month.

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