Saturday, March 30, 2013

neighborhood egg hunt

Last weekend we went to our neighborhood's egg hunt at the park.  ZJ went with the babies and there wasn't much competition.  NJ taught her what to do by telling her to clean up.  IJ went with the next age group and was the oldest of those.  So lucky us, our kids brought home 2 buckets filled to the brim.

 photo IMG_8747_zps4d2aa8e1.jpg

 photo IMG_8751_zps130dfc35.jpg

 photo IMG_8752_zpsb3f46544.jpg

 photo Picture3-1_zpsb4132274.png

 photo IMG_8778_zps612ccd63.jpg

 photo Picture1-9_zpsead81648.png

 photo Picture4-1_zps40e27e94.png

 photo Picture2-3_zps913e2530.png

 photo Picture5-1_zps6b23145c.png

 photo Picture8-1_zpsc589daf3.png

 photo Picture7-1_zpsbf679777.png

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Uncle Mikey said...

omfg adorable