Friday, May 17, 2013

Winter Vegetable Garden

Last October NJ built 2 raised vegetable gardens along the side of our backyard, filled them with organic soil and planted these 9 varieties.  Everything was supposedly compatible with Texas winter gardening.

 photo 2012-10-22_17-17-23_254_zps20cea50a.jpg

 photo 2012-10-22_18-07-28_940_zpsc1add2bb.jpg

IJ and NJ planted all of the organic seeds.
 photo 2012-10-22_18-11-48_140_zps3366ae73.jpg

This was the garden in early December.  The spaghetti squash vines grew beautifully and put out lots of blossoms and then after a few cold snaps they were dead. 
 photo 2012-12-07_15-41-47_544_zpsbffe9cce.jpg

 photo 2013-01-25_10-22-43_68_zps7a14a168.jpg

 photo 2013-01-08_10-08-05_900_zpsacf410b3.jpg

 photo 2013-02-10_12-16-20_64_zpsbd8afa1b.jpg

Collard greens:
 photo 2013-02-10_12-18-33_357_zps0bc7fda7.jpg

 photo b8cecf2b-6c1f-468a-973e-f5bfddef6f95_zps10651df1.jpg

 photo 20130316_170441_zps0261e01f.jpg

We had very few humorous carrots.  Here's a couple:
 photo 2013-04-06_15-08-45_399_zps1e39ece2.jpg

 photo 2013-03-30_14-22-59_466_zps654e12fe.jpg

 photo 2013-03-11_09-29-27_70_zpsa873b47e.jpg

We thought the brussels sprouts were not going to grow.  The plants were huge but there was no sprouts.  Finally, once it warmed up, they appeared but are growing very slowly and it might get too hot for them before they get big enough to eat.  This picture is from the day I noticed them in late March.
 photo 2013-03-21_15-46-55_184_zps874cc69a.jpg

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