Monday, May 13, 2013

ZJ's room

ZJ's room is finally near completion.  To the right as you enter the room is a toy chest from my childhood with all of the kids food related toys inside and on top is their toy stove.  ZJ has a twin size floor bed where she currently takes her daily nap.  I painted wooden letters that spell her name in purple and silver.  She has silver and teal curtains.  The seating area with rocking chair, side table and storage foot stool were all things we already owned.  In the center of her room is a lavender rug I had the rocking chair on at the old house. photo IMG_8864_zpseaddb540.jpg

We had custom artwork made for ZJ's wall.  There's a bird theme throughout the decorations in her room.
 photo IMG_8879_zpsdf7f4aba.jpg

The bookshelves in ZJ's room are from our last apartment.  They were originally stained green.  We then painted one orange for IJ's room and they are now together again in ZJ's room after NJ spent hours sanding and painting them grey. 
 photo IMG_8860_zpsbfd13aa2.jpg

Between the bookcases are four birdhouses I painted.
 photo IMG_8878_zps6ea8e433.jpg

Between ZJ's two closets is the dresser from our guest room turned IJ's room at the old house.  Above it is a carved wood mirror we purchased in white and NJ painted a dark purple. 
 photo IMG_8861_zps7ffd9a0e.jpg

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Sarah said...

The room looks great Hez! I love her custom art work too! :)