Monday, November 4, 2013

IJ's art

IJ has improved his penmanship and drawing skills recently. Here are some examples from October.

He now signs in every morning at school by writing his first and last name.  photo Picture3_zps569deaa6.png

I thought this was a cute little self portrait.
 photo IMG_20131011_153758_231_zpsb3f9a1d9.jpg

Here's another self portrait plus daddy and ZJ. He is holding daddy's hand and made sure to draw ZJ's hair in her face.  Daddy obviously isn't wearing pants.
 photo IMG_20131011_153925_886_zpsf5f5b544.jpg

Another school project (on a pillowcase for some reason).
 photo IMG_20131030_133433_832_zpsd69aa3b8.jpg

This one is all his work but under the direction of daddy.  It was a birthday gift for grandma.
 photo IMG_20131027_095341_797_zps10da89c8.jpg

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