Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014 Pics

Carrots from the garden.
  photo IMG_20140301_135111_546_zps4cc4e4db.jpg

 English peas from the garden. The kids (and I) fight over these like they're candy.  photo IMG_20140302_130648_324_zps750796bd.jpg

We still find ZJ in peculiar places doing peculiar things on a frequent basis.  photo IMG_20140304_170445_707_zps6e8ffa38.jpg

ZJ does this and calls herself a pirate.  photo IMG_20140307_094903_302_zpsdc667158.jpg

IJ finished his winter soccer season with the 3-4 year olds and started the spring soccer season with 4-5 year olds.
  photo IMG_20140311_152516_846_zpsbe5fd9b0.jpg

ZJ and I had a sushi lunch with MP on my birthday. ZJ ate an entire order of avocado rolls among other things.
  photo IMG_20140312_112240_837_zps56edf7d5.jpg

The kids, on my birthday, wearing the hats they made and holding the gifts they gave me (socks and oven mitts).
  photo unnamed1_zpsbb08fbd2.jpg

 IJ wanted to be king for purim this year.
  photo IMG_20140314_083223_224_zpsf2eceb3f.jpg

 IJ and I saw a musical of Frog and Toad with MP for my birthday and enjoyed it.  photo IMG_20140315_124555_305_zps44802298.jpg

 photo IMG_20140321_101006_964_zps58dd0f3c.jpg

 Celebrating SM's upcoming wedding.  photo 1982080_10100374480944332_1759269437_n_zpsaccfcaff.jpg

IJ adopted a caterpillar found in our lettuce garden.  photo IMG_20140325_185600_892_zps4d711bee.jpg

 My kids are weird.
  photo IMG_20140328_140606_829_zpsa694d4bd.jpg

 ZJ ate 2 of my homemade spring rolls.
  photo IMG_20140328_180149_357_zpsb22e7140.jpg

ZJ loves to help our baby friends.  photo IMG_20140329_103623_408_zps09a84895.jpg

 photo IMG_20140329_173245_955_zps6ccea21c.jpg

IJ was accepted into his elementary school's dual language program. One out of the 7 kindergarten classes is dual language (through 5th grade) and there are 11 spots available for English speakers. There are usually about 150 applicants.
   photo unnamed_zpsc420e930.jpg

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