Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Pics

At the nursery to pick out our baby tomato plants.  photo IMG_20140201_090349_131_zps3f10f3e2.jpg

The kids loved this new train installation at a park we've been to a couple times.
 photo IMG_20140201_101556_142_zps2e88e78f.jpg

 photo IMG_20140201_101251_404_zpsf152ff13.jpg

 photo IMG_20140201_101534_693_zps154831f2.jpg

IJ has had a wet and cold winter soccer season.
 photo IMG_20140204_151043_197_zps677a8360.jpg

This is ZJ's new angry face, but she knows she looks silly and starts laughing when we do.
 photo IMG_20140206_122143_304_zpsd37612c5.jpg

Our monthly trip to the Children's Museum.
 photo IMG_20140208_093517_435_zpseeb2c357.jpg

 photo IMG_20140208_095937_794_zps64f9a3b9.jpg

New dress up clothes in IJ's class.
 photo IMG_20140212_091015_666_zps2b71e412.jpg

My Valentine's gifts to the kids.
 photo IMG_20140214_135811_163_zps79d4ba24.jpg

Spinach from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140216_144451_386_zps1bbe92be.jpg

 photo IMG_20140217_090305_508_zps190d3f96.jpg

Broccoli from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140219_104900_265_zps5a468ae7.jpg

Collard greens from the garden.
 photo IMG_20140221_161654_540_zpseac61d08.jpg

 photo Picture1_zpsfd862ede.png

I finally baked with ZJ.  We made muffins.  Amazingly, I avoided any disasters.
 photo IMG_20140224_113120_902_zps895b85e9.jpg

Today was Go Texan Day.
 photo IMG_20140228_084048_3361_zpsc0a2cad5.jpg


MP said...

looks like IJ is sporting his angry face, too

Sarah said...

Love these photos! :)