Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 2014 Pics

 photo IMG_20140402_121753_719_zps4fe60910.jpg

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C and I ran the same 4 mile race we had run 3 years ago, only this time much faster.
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IJ's been using the computer for games for several months now but I added sending emails and playing in word documents to his computer activities this month.
 photo IMG_20140406_181222_925_zps7a4baf55.jpg

Daddy's birthday party...we had homemade vegan banana splits.
 photo IMG_20140407_134708_136_zps4ee2ce42.jpg

Our neighbors/friends took a family photo of us the evening of our block party (also NJ's birthday.)  photo DSC_0174_zps482ce322.jpg

We went to an earth day festival.
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 photo Picture4_zpsb5507710.png

We all got sick this month.  ZJ fell asleep in the stroller before I got past the next door neighbor's house one evening.
 photo pic7_zpsadb7cf28.png

This is how they play pirate.  Duplo swords and Easter egg pegs/hooks.
 photo pic5_zps123c20e4.png

ZJ thought this up all on her own.  She was driving her car.
 photo 20140420_105703_zps6ffd3c3d.jpg

IJ's caterpillar went into cocoon and came out a moth a few weeks later.
 photo 20140425_125650_zps286467d3.jpg

 photo pic6_zps58e04d4b.png

ZJ going to the YMCA to play while I workout.  We finally joined the Y in our neighborhood, a 10 minute walk away.  The kids went to the childcare room together twice with no problem but on this day we went without IJ and I was paged to come get her because she was screaming and crying.  We haven't tried again since.
 photo Picture3_zps557a5293.png

IJ now brings the garbage and recycling cans in all by himself.
 photo Picture2_zpsace8f235.png

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