Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 2014 Pics

IJ used chopsticks (with plastic helpers) to eat his entire lunch of veggie fried rice at a local sushi restaurant.  photo Picture1_zpsfcf80d38.png

IJ completed his 3rd season of soccer.  We moved him up to the 4-5 year old group this time which definitely gave him tougher competition and quicker transitions during practice.
 photo Picture11_zps945914da.png

ZJ is absolutely horrible during practice.  Luckily his practices this season were an hour later so most weeks NJ could take IJ and leave me with ZJ.
 photo Picture2_zps15b01c21.png

We finally tried out the bike trailer.  The kids liked it.
 photo Picture3_zpsa63eb34d.png

IJ had his 2nd ever dental check up, just about a year after the last.  He did wonderfully just like last year and had no problems.
 photo Picture4_zpse98841fd.png

ZJ on the other hand freaked out a bit upon entering the room and even though she watched her brother handle it all fine, she had no intention of having her first dental exam.  She tricked us long enough to sit in the chair and get a new toothbrush but then all she would do is brush her own teeth, refusing to even open her mouth to show the hygienist how many teeth she has.
 photo Picture5_zps6a2bcb37.png

We had a fake bday party for IJ at school.  Since he has a summer birthday he had the option of celebrating at the end of the year.  I made him a chocolate muffin or "cupcake" to him and we shared goodie bags of fun school supplies with the other kids.
 photo Picture6_zps142b1f2f.png

ZJ's been sleeping in her own room for the entire month.  She's still waking during the night and I end up falling asleep with her frequently when I have to get her back to sleep.  She's taken to coming to me when she wakes in the morning but occasionally going back to sleep in my bed.  It has caused her to wake much too early, sometimes prior to 6 and sometimes just after.
 photo Picture12_zps77c3e3a6.png

Our first summer garden edibles.  Tiny Wild Texas Cherry tomatoes.
 photo Picture16_zps8abdf07e.png

IJ chose flowers for his 3 classroom teachers, his music teacher and his Judaics/Hebrew teacher.
 photo Picture17_zpsf83c4d72.png

We went kayaking with our friends.  It was mine and ZJ's first time.
 photo Picture15_zps28d6b788.png

 photo Picture14_zpse2d8a79e.png

 photo Picture13_zps9fe55a74.png

I finally bought a new popsicle mold since I hate my current ones.  So far we've made pina coladas and healthy fudge pops.
 photo Picture18_zpsf61f3ac9.png

Our summer break started with lots of rain.
 photo Picture10_zps21a97a15.png

We went to the zoo our first week out of school mainly to visit the new bug house and see the animatronic giant bugs.
  photo Picture9_zps45c3be86.png

 photo Picture7_zpsd1ad570d.png

 photo Picture8_zps312ed3cd.png

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