Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 Pics

The kids played together very nicely this summer (most of the time), especially first thing in the morning.  photo Picture18_zpsd7a3cf33.png

They made superhero emblems.  photo Picture17_zpsece9be37.png

We dried out the sunflowers but then just let the kids play with them.  photo Picture16_zps5813ebf4.png

They were being explorers.
 photo Picture15_zps9e8a3f7f.png

ZJ fell asleep for the night on NJ not once...
 photo Picture14_zpsf505212d.png

...but twice this month.  This was after refusing to go to sleep with me in her usual way.
 photo Picture11_zpsd11a586e.png

Some pics from the children's museum.
 photo Picture13_zpsf592a632.png

 photo Picture12_zpscfd5a4e4.png

ZJ continues with her puzzle obsession and now does this 48 piece puzzle and others all by herself.
 photo Picture10_zps9805d449.png

 photo Picture9_zpsa5cf132a.png

IJ got his first professional haircut days before Kindergarten started.  We let it grow out most of summer in preparation.
 photo Picture8_zps3b54633d.png

 photo Picture7_zps3dfd2147.png

On our last weekday of summer we made cookies for daddy and his coworkers and visited him at his new job.
 photo Picture6_zps55a7d5da.png

 photo Picture5_zpsa4c8c868.png

We managed to give ZJ pigtails for the first time but she had a fit about it and they didn't last long.
 photo Picture4_zps711fbd3e.png

 photo Picture3_zps5d43b6e2.png

IJ walks to school each morning and scooters home each afternoon.  It's a half mile each way.
 photo Picture2_zpsebfe379a.png

We gave IJ a new Lego set for starting Kindergarten and then a few days later he got another set (pictured) as a late birthday gift from friends.  He was able to build them all, including the 3 configurations of this one, by himself.
 photo Picture1_zpsc9382aae.png

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