Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2014 Pics

This was the first time I had seen IJ write without being asked to and have help spelling. He was at a classmate's house and I suggested he make his sister a birthday card since it was in a few days. It says "Happea Brtae" and he drew a dinosaur.
 photo 20141003_115210_zpsb8c542a9.jpg

The little girl 3 houses down from us turned 3 the day before ZJ did and had a Frozen themed party that day. I'm assuming my kids were the only ones there who had never seen the movie. They were certainly the only ones there with paper bag crowns.
 photo Picture4_zps84eb1e82.png

There was a face painter dressed as one of the princesses and IJ decided he had to have his face painted. He wanted to be a tiger. He also asked for glitter and after seeing some girls with gems on their faces he went back and requested those.
 photo 20141004_143809_zps96a94865.jpg

 photo 20141004_151953_zps662d7089.jpg

ZJ playing with her birthday gifts.
 photo 20141006_105700_zps5fa9cff5.jpg

The kids and I made toilet paper tube bats and pine cone spiders.
 photo 20141011_152330_zpse79c22de.jpg

 photo Picture3_zps2ff406cb.png

IJ's class made a Peace Book. IJ's page says "peas is gooing swiming" which means "peace is going swimming."
 photo 20141014_084015_zps3be3cc18.jpg

This was from another book they made. The important thing about me is "I ReeD Buks" (I read books).
 photo 20141014_082227_zps19a80dc0.jpg

We made Halloween tortilla chips. IJ really liked cutting out the faces. He's also wearing the vampire teeth he got at our neighborhood Halloween party and was obsessed with for a few days.
 photo 20141019_130811_zpsf7276b21.jpg

 photo 20141020_114859_zpsf34da9cb.jpg

 photo 20141021_163150_zpsa77fc9c0.jpg

 photo Picture1_zpsee06ce25.png

When ZJ and I go to Whole Foods now she does the cart pushing. She's quite good at it.
 photo Picture2_zps2210c92b.png

IJ still moves all over his bed at night but doesn't seem to fall out anymore.
 photo 20141026_202520_zpsff99b736.jpg

We made spooky mouths from apples, peanut butter and sunflower seeds.
 photo Picture7_zpsdaf26c2b.png

 photo 20141027_093243_zps7b3830e8.jpg

 photo Picture5_zps41808846.png

ZJ still loves to paint.  This was a princess.
 photo Picture6_zps4cd96cf6.png

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