Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 2014 Pics

NJ and the kids colored skulls for Dia de los Muertos. This was the first time ZJ showed us she could control her coloring. She colored in the shapes on the face and gave her skull arms, legs and other body parts.
  photo Picture24_zps84bd3e24.png

"Mi gato caleco se fwe al pake." It should say "Mi gato calico se fue al parque" and means "My calico cat went to the park."
 photo Picture21_zps7f5dc10f.png

I opened a spaghetti squash and found lots of already sprouting seeds.
 photo Picture20_zpsb9851a47.png

ZJ and I toured what will hopefully be the preschool she attends next year. It is the only school we're applying to and is a co-op so I'll be working there as well. They have themed weeks and were currently in their construction theme which she loved.
 photo Picture19_zps3fa65f9a.png

ZJ drew faces for the first time. Lots of creepy faces. There's a few full bodies too.
 photo Picture18_zps523e53e7.png

We went to 2 festivals this month where the kids got to put cereal on pipe cleaners to make bracelets and then eat them off.
 photo Picture17_zps485dbeeb.png

The kids went to their first Miller Outdoor Theater show.  We saw FROGZ.
 photo Picture16_zpsf98a2822.png

IJ's team soccer pic.
 photo Picture23_zpsf852f980.png

ZJ's team soccer pic (with several kids missing).
 photo Picture22_zpsc0e7bd57.png

ZJ's Heart Heroes cape finally came. They send custom capes to kids with CHD.
 photo Picture15_zpsfa91f76b.png

The tag that came with her cape.
 photo Picture14_zps9110a0f4.png

A very happy ZJ after her first Kindermusik class. She loved it and followed directions beautifully.
 photo Picture13_zpse13ef3bc.png

ZJ had some very cold and one very wet soccer practice.
 photo Picture12_zpsc2a4f16b.png

NJ was a mystery reader in IJ's class. The mystery reader sends in clues about their student so the kids can guess who's parent is coming. Then they show up with their kid's favorite book.
 photo Picture11_zps8e7eccc0.png

ZJ and I were there for the mystery reading because we also spent the morning preparing IJ's class' vegetable garden for planting and then during their recess we planted seeds with the kids. They've already begun sprouting now.
 photo Picture10_zps8c890063.png

Proud IJ with his goodie basket prize. This was his 2nd time to get to visit the goodie basket for the entire school year. Both times he has brought home items I've donated and he could have used anytime at home.
 photo Picture9_zpsdfdeddff.png

IJ had to disguise a turkey. He came up with the idea to make it a robot.
 photo Picture7_zpsdb28d15e.png

IJ was going to camp in the backyard with NJ as his reward for having such a good week at school but he got sick with a mystery illness. His throat hurt, his stomach hurt and he threw up once. Camping was delayed and he didn't have a fun weekend.
 photo Picture8_zps9947d535.png

He recovered in time to go to school the following week and dress up for the story book parade. The kids pick a favorite book and dress up as a character. IJ decided he wanted to be the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk. We made a vine of yarn with felt leaves, used a doll as jack and put a cloud on his head. He was adorable and had one of only a handful of homemade costumes.
 photo Picture6_zps9ca7e89c.png

Before this week was out IJ developed a cough which turned out to be the beginning of the flu. Both the flu and strep and other viruses were going around his school and masses of kids were out sick. He had a rough couple of days with lots of sleeping. We did our best to keep him isolated but by Saturday it was clear I also had the flu and by Sunday ZJ had it. She did the best and seemed back to herself in 24 hours. Camping was delayed yet another weekend.
 photo Picture5_zpsa8e032eb.png

IJ, NJ and ZJ turkeys.
 photo Picture1_zps3e0451a2.png

I ran the Turkey Trot still weak from the flu. I hadn't worked out in days. I had committed to running my first 10K and wanted to follow through. My pace was slower but I ran the entire thing.
 photo Picture4_zpscffe3286.png

That night we went out to dinner for Thanksgiving and then took the kids and grandparents to the Zoo for Zoo Lights. Everyone seemed to enjoy it although the kids were exhausted.
 photo Picture3_zps7863f5f9.png

Camping! Finally! IJ and NJ camped out the weekend after Thanksgiving in our brand new tent. They watched a movie in the tent, made smores and slept in their sleeping bags (IJ's sleeping bag was actually mine from when I was a kid).
 photo Picture2_zps2594e265.png

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