Friday, February 6, 2015

January 2015 Pics

 photo Picture16_zpsbiiy6woz.png

On IJ's first day back to school after the holidays I checked on the class' garden and the radishes were ready to harvest.
  photo Picture15_zps7jeqpmk0.png

A self portrait IJ whipped up before school one day. His skills sure have improved.  photo Picture14_zpsodulsaux.png

IJ attended a birthday party at a local bakery. They got to make pizzas and decorate cakes.  photo Picture13_zps9hag3s6i.png

Weird child is weird.
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Unbeknownst to us, ZJ spent several days home suffering from staph scalding syndrome.  photo Picture11_zpsvauwofrm.png

ZJ, already feeling so much better after getting the appropriate treatment in the hospital.  photo Picture10_zpsytfxrymo.png

Back at the Dr when IJ started showing early symptoms of staph scalding syndrome (not feeling bad yet).
  photo Picture9_zpsywm70wie.png

The only way both kids would take their antibiotics, mixed with a homemade chocolate sauce.  photo Picture8_zpsutgqwuhz.png

IJ looking bad despite extraordinarily early treatment.  photo Picture6_zpsfvouifoq.png

Feeling better.
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IJ learned about different tooth fairy customs and beliefs.  photo Picture5_zps5pmbmgtp.png

ZJ and I have been doing story time and music class at a local library.  photo Picture4_zpsrpocrflk.png

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ZJ is in her second soccer season and got a cool new hat at class. She's the only girl in the group this time.
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IJ is in his first season of "real" soccer, having one weeknight practice and weekend game. NJ and I are coaching his team.
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