Sunday, June 14, 2015

May 2015 Pics

ZJ and I chaperoned IJ's field trip.
 photo Picture2_zpsywwkzdvl.png

There was a 3D movie about sharks. ZJ was terrified but wouldn't take her eyes off the screen.
 photo Picture21_zpswltsq0lm.png

All but one of his classmates.
 photo Picture16_zps9xbcodqh.png

The kids had a special treat after one of IJ's soccer games. Ice cream cookie sandwiches from a food truck.
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 photo Picture19_zpsxblcajov.png

ZJ finished her second and final month of swim lessons.
 photo Picture18_zpsaisyhpkv.png

 photo Picture17_zpszyxojh1l.png

ZJ and her buddy at their brothers' soccer game.
 photo Picture15_zpsbmr8ibit.png

NJ and I had lunch with IJ for one last time in kindergarten. They get to pick one friend to eat at the parent table. They had just noticed they have similar tattoos.
 photo Picture14_zps7hqajtvt.png

We finally tried IJ's classmate's dad's wood fired pizza.
 photo Picture13_zps9iax789k.png

 photo Picture12_zpsclxgjcuc.png

IJ went to his first professional soccer game.
 photo Picture23_zpssodfkzi8.png

 photo Picture11_zpsxc32hag8.png

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I planted Zinnias from seed along with salsa ingredients (and a cucumber plant that grew itself) with IJ's class for their spring garden. The last day of school we made salsa in class.
 photo 20150519_152724_zpsoke76xad.jpg

 photo Picture9_zpstpmfnk8v.png

Our area flooded. We were lucky and barely avoided it. Many neighbors were not so lucky. Some won't even be allowed to repair and must tear their houses down for rebuilding. This is a view from my front door.
 photo Picture8_zps4qq6ww3c.png

Neal and a neighbor went kayaking in the flood waters.
 photo Picture7_zpsvi44cdlz.png

Walking to school the morning of the award ceremony.
 photo Picture10_zpsbu9knu7k.png

IJ and his teacher.
 photo Picture6_zps8nadsg3t.png

 photo Picture4_zpsvgch8vbg.png

Last day of school holding a pic form the first day of school.
 photo Picture5_zps6s71vl7u.png

ZJ finished her soccer season.
 photo Picture3_zpsmbeqjec3.png

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