Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ZJ is 44 months old!

 photo 44 mo small_zpshhs66zxn.png

ZJ is quite into art lately, probably from her brother's influence. For the longest time she would only draw faces and just in the last week she decided she could draw other things. She drew a picture of a robot and a dog in the rain with a sun and clouds and then made them wear rain gear. She loves to paint and we've started some activity and sticker books this summer. She likes to color and prefers markers to crayons. She has been writing her name for a few months. She enjoys card and board games. She loves going to the park and uses the regular swings. She loves the pool and the beach but doesn't like waves, preferring to dig in the sand. She loves to be naked. As soon as we come home the next time I see her she will have taken all of her clothes off. Even at night she does not want pajamas and tells me she doesn't want a diaper but she still pees during the night about 50% of the time.

She just completed her 3rd season of soccer but her first with the 3-4 year age group. This was the first time scrimmages were included in addition to the games and drills. She hated the scrimmages. She has no interest in taking a ball away from someone or having it taken from her. We were also attending story time and music class at the library until the school year ended. She enjoyed both of these. She did two months of swim lessons at the end of the school year. I'm not sure if they  helped anything. She would refuse to wear goggles or put her face in the water and often ignored her instructor and wanted to do her own thing.

She has finally mastered pooping on the toilet! Even with our 5 day summer vacation she had no problems with it other than holding it in during our travels to and from because she wasn't comfortable pooping anywhere we were. She still sometimes doesn't stop playing to go pee soon enough, especially when we're away from home where she will deny needing to pee until she's peed on herself a bit. I'm hoping she figures this out soon because she will be starting preschool in September.

She has been having horrible screaming fits where she spits all over herself and tries to hit me. They go on and on until she finally calms down. When she's not having one of her fits she's the sweetest, cuddliest thing. She loves her brother and they play together great but she also likes to annoy him, hit him, and push him lately.

ZJ will only sleep in our bed. We even decided to get rid of her toddler bed and mattress (the original crib and mattress since IJ was a baby). We got a used trundle bed for her room and the mattress is on its way. I will try to transition her back to her room...again. She sleeps 10-11 hours a night usually.

Since her hospitalization she's only had colds that she gets over quite fast.

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