Friday, April 8, 2016

March 2016 Pics

ZJ's class picture, taken in January.  photo Picture1_zpsmd1opoju.png

We participated in the Superhero Heart Run again.
 photo Picture13_zpsknes07ip.png

 photo Picture14_zpsnuzcerg7.png

One of the parks we've played at since IJ was a baby was just completely redone.  photo Picture12_zpssdncoplh.png

I put IJ in private swim lessons in hopes he would finally learn to swim properly and be ready for his school's triathlon. I'm not sure it's helping.
 photo Picture11_zpsjkrqicgf.png

We had lots of park trips over spring break.
 photo Picture10_zpswywvi7y0.png

We were furniture shopping and speaking to a sales associate and I turned around to see this.  photo Picture9_zpspgtyw7pg.png

ZJ's school had an easter egg hunt. I suggested she use her pumpkin bucket just to humor myself.  photo Picture8_zpsmyqiirsf.png

ZJ learned to ride a bike. She went straight from her balance bike to this one.  photo Picture7_zpsxgroczcn.png

We went on a tour at a goat farm.
 photo Picture6_zpse7xiqnqu.png

 photo Picture5_zpsqdzi0sgp.png

 photo Picture4_zpszxfyvccj.png

Pretend camping at school.
 photo Picture3_zpsjmd5sfug.png

Her favorite doggy.
 photo Picture2_zpsiwmn3jhi.png

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