Saturday, April 2, 2016

February 2016 Pics

IJ and I made these cute Valentines for his classmates with a free printable I found. ZJ gave out little pads of paper. Both kids signed every one and IJ also wrote his friends names on the back of each after he chose a bug for them.
 photo Picture13_zpska1mv929.png

 photo Picture12_zpsjtu8jeq6.png

We finally visited the Children's Museum again. On this trip we made a kite and pinwheel.
 photo Picture9_zpsi0dfj4nk.png

 photo Picture11_zpsz9yjpqtc.png

 photo Picture10_zpswwgrazbc.png

ZJ had a snow day at school.
 photo Picture2_zpsobg6yiwf.png

 photo Picture3_zpsvt0ymkso.png

 photo Picture1_zpshhz2y3cq.png

We got our spring vegetable garden going after skipping winter gardening. I also put out zinnia and bluebonnet seeds in the front garden.
 photo Picture8_zpsjdps6wbw.png

 photo Picture7_zps72itbbyr.png

 photo Picture6_zpswyvuonxw.png

 photo Picture5_zps450lspuk.png

 photo Picture4_zpsthfhdqvz.png

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