Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 2016 Pics

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IJ made pizzas and salad for dinner. He chopped the veggies, sauteed toppings and assembled pizzas.
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A visit to the children's museum and ninja turtle crafts we took home to make and wear later.
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IJ and I had a fancy snack during ZJ's last morning of camp.
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Both kids participated in a lego competition at a toy store. IJ made a snow cone shop and ZJ made "Sparkle's Ship Boat."
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Father's Day
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ZJ was given a vintage cabbage patch by her great grandma.
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Both kids had a dentist visit. ZJ let them do a little more this time. Her teeth were each touched by the metal instrument. That was all she'd allow. IJ had a full cleaning.
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The kids rode their bikes to our juice shop while I ran. This was the most Z had ridden yet, 2 miles round trip. We had acai bowls.
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