Tuesday, June 21, 2016

trip to San Antonio

We had a quick 2 day trip to San Antonio in early June.  photo Picture12_zpsi7klnvld.png

We headed to the park where we walked around, visited the Japanese Gardens, rode the train to the Children's Museum and back to the park again.
 photo Picture11_zps8s0c5j1r.png

 photo Picture10_zpsjkpp1egq.png

 photo Picture9_zpsutjj4cr8.png

 photo Picture8_zpsjvzboahu.png

 photo Picture7_zpszskaqj0f.png

 photo Picture6_zpstg7rdxqa.png

 photo Picture5_zpsmahy3x5k.png

That evening we checked out the Alamo and walked the Riverwalk. The next morning we took a picture at the Alamo as we were walking by, played cards at a coffee shop while waiting for the stores at La Villita to open, and then shopped at El Mercado.
 photo Picture4_zpsqpb4zruq.png

 photo Picture3_zps9viltouh.png

IJ chose a wrestling mask and ZJ chose a corn husk flower crown (I chose the Mexican dress she's wearing).
 photo Picture2_zpsd3ezsguy.png

 photo Picture1_zps3e6mshyp.png
6.5.2016 - 6.6.2016

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