Sunday, October 16, 2016

ZJ is 5 years old!

 photo 5 years small_zpsv3svnhcp.png

ZJ weighs 41 pounds and is 42.5 inches tall. She wears size 10 shoes and 5t clothes. Her current favorite color is “all the colors in the rainbow.” ZJ loves to ride her bike and the scooter she just got a few weeks ago. When she was 4.5 she easily transitioned to our 12” regular bicycle. She never liked using the other scooters we have but after one ride on the new one she’s figured it out and now enjoys riding. She loves to play outside at home or at the park. At home she likes to read, make art, do puzzles occasionally or play with her dolls. She has recently gotten into lego and can follow instructions and build on her own. She loves dress up and pretend play. She loves playing with her brother but also fights with him a lot.

ZJ is an amazing reader. She started reading after turning 4 and rapidly progressed. She also draws very cute pictures. In preparation for her starting dual language kindergarten next year we are now introducing Spanish to hopefully have her reading that as well soon. She is also recently into math and not only likes to work on math problems but she creates math problems for her family to answer as well.

ZJ has been in soccer classes and this school year started swim lessons. She is now in preK 4 days a week at the same school co-op she attended last year. She loves it there. Her favorite activities seem to be the dress up and pretend play areas. She also loves to have tea parties and play outside with her friends. She is very independent and will just do whatever she wants to do, not very concerned with who else is doing what. The days are longer than last year and she often doesn’t want me to leave and says the days are too long but she is always fine while I am gone.

ZJ visited the dentist again this summer and was more willing to let the hygienist look around but still didn’t allow her teeth to be cleaned. She also visited her cardiologist and is doing well. ZJ sleeps about 11 hours per night. She eats a varied diet and her favorite foods are cashews, O cereal, apples, tomato soup, broccoli, peas and popcorn.

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 photo ZJ 5 years small_zps0plvh3x2.png

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