Wednesday, October 5, 2016

August 2016 Pics

IJ did a week of theater camp which he loved.  photo Picture8_zpscgisvxxm.png

He did a week of soccer camp which he hated, due to an unkind soccer coach. He did had fun dressing up on Wacky Wednesday.
 photo Picture7_zpsm3om3u1v.png

We took one last trip to the zoo on a rainy day.
 photo Picture6_zpsyuk61twt.png

We went to the library weekly this summer and ZJ loved having new books to read all of the time.
 photo Picture1_zpspkkmm720.png

IJ made these blender muffins on his own.
 photo Picture5_zpsk8hy8gwz.png

 photo Picture9_zpsike7ykwg.png

First day of second grade.
 photo Picture4_zpsg48ilujx.png

ZJ started swim lessons.
 photo Picture2_zpskpeeosuz.png

ZJ had a cardiologist appointment, EKG and echo. All went well and she enjoyed meeting all of daddy's coworkers during her visit.
 photo Picture3_zpsmjgqyvzt.png

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