Wednesday, May 20, 2009

baby purchases

So far we've only purchased 2 baby items.

The first was a stroller. We spent some time researching to find a quality, multi-tasker, chose the one we wanted, and then found it on eBay. We won the stroller for a good deal less than it costs in regular stores in the second auction we bid on.

Phil & Teds Dash Stroller


It becomes an inline double stroller with the addition of a second seat, that comes with the stroller.


It also does all of this:

stroller configurations

The second item we purchased was a rocking chair. This also took a lot of research and comparisons. The problem is that most rocking chairs/gliders are hideous or absurdly expensive. This one ended up my favorite. There are several color choices for chair/lumbar pillow. I chose grey & black because the rocker will stay in my bedroom, where there is the most room to set up a little breastfeeding station.

Monte Alto Rocker


I can't believe we've only purchased 2 things, but we are waiting until after our baby showers to purchase the remaining necessities.

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