Tuesday, May 12, 2009

officially a blogger

We are starting a blog as a means of sharing info, pics, and video of our growing family. We'd like to remain anonymous (unsearchable by coworkers), so please refrain from using our names. I will refer to hubby as NJG and myself as HFH. We'll figure out baby's online name after arrival. Oh, and the doggies probably wish to remain anonymous too...we'll have to figure that out.

For now, I'll begin with where the "growing" part of our family started. October 30, 2008, a couple days after returning from San Diego, I got my BFP (big fat positive, for those not versed in fertility lingo). This, after trying for 7 cycles, since May 2008, was shocking. Just the month before I had requested blood tests after becoming convinced something was wrong with me....I also made NJG get some "tests" done. Turns out we were both fine and just about to have things work out as intended.

+ preg test

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