Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IJG is playing!

IJG is finally entertained by toys!!! On Saturday we got him a play gym after finding out IKEA makes a wooden one for $25. He seems to like it. He accidentally spins the pieces on the sides while flailing around.


9.12.09, 2

While he played, I used the time to sort through his clothing and see what should fit when we go to Colorado next month. I put pants on him for the first time. They were a bit too long, but I'm trying to buy winter clothes that will fit when Texas winter arrives and be usable in Colorado.

9.12.09, 3

9.12.09, 4

He is also finally enjoying his bouncy chair. We bought this when he was a few weeks old so I'd have somewhere to put him when I'm downstairs. He's never liked being in it. He'll sit for a few minutes and then start screaming. Now, he's looking at the toys hanging from it and having a good time. This morning he sat there for at least 15 minutes.


9.15.09, 3

9.15.09, 4

9.15.09, 2

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