Sunday, September 13, 2009

IJG's Room

We've finally finished IJG's room. NJG had to paint one more picture and he completed it last weekend.

This is the view from the doorway. As you can see, his room, which used to be just a guest room, is doing double duty and functioning as both for now.

ijg bedroom 4

This is a close up of his name, up above the window. I ordered wooden letters online, which you can get in pretty much any font you like. I then glued different patterns of origami paper to the letters and trimmed around them with a craft blade. I stuck them to the wall with putty. I always had a yellow "H" leaning on the trim above my bedroom door.

ilan art

Here you can see his dresser, which was already in the room, and his bookshelf filled with books and toys. We also already owned the dark green bookshelf. We added bright orange paint to the outside surfaces. Above the dresser are two of NJG's pieces of art, the caterpillar and bee. On the dresser is a framed picture of my parents holding IJG.

ijg bedroom 2

Here's his crib and rug. I love this rug!

ijg bedroom 3

Here's a view of the guest room side with the dragonfly, snail, and tree art.

ijg bedroom 1

This is a closeup of the tree picture NJG painted...complete with mystery animal hidden in the tree hole.

ilan art 2


MNP said...

love the art

has IJG played on either of his beautiful rugs yet?

MNP said...

I also LOVE that everything hanging in that room was made by his loving parents

HFH said...

yes he has...please await the next post for proof