Thursday, August 4, 2011

peepee on the potty: part 2

IJG has been using the potty for 2 weeks now. He also typically uses the potty a couple times a day at school when he is there. He has even stayed dry all day (other than nap and night time)a couple times and once woke up dry after a nap and used the potty right away. He started being very compliant with peeing in the morning before we leave the house and prior to lunch, naps and bed time.

We went underwear shopping last Sunday and he of course chose the Nee Nah underwear pack and we added in some space themed ones as well. He started wearing underwear (instead of being naked) while at home then so he could get used to wearing something and needing to remove it before pottying. We had been accident free until last Monday, when he peed in his underwear while playing. The following day he surprised us by pooping on the potty, twice. The second of which he didn't quite get to the potty in time. Today he pooped on the potty again and then while flushing it down the toilet peed in his underwear...don't know why he didn't pee while pooping a few moments prior. He also peed while sitting in his highchair at dinner this evening.


The last couple days he has peed less at home and resisted more. We try not to push it, follow his lead and keep it fun for him to avoid any resistance so I'm hoping this new pattern does not continue, but I have been expecting it.

He is peeing sitting down now in addition to standing. We have learned when he needs to poop he starts talking about poop in general and telling us other people need to poop...but will say No if we ask if he does. Then he gets a panicked look when it is inevitable.

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YAY! So exciting!