Saturday, July 23, 2011

peepee on the potty!

***Warning: this post contains pictures of adorable toddler peeing and graphic images of urine. If you aren't into that...get over it.***

Since introducing the potty when IJG was ~17 months old, there has been no progress. He has resisted using it and started holding in his pee even when he did need to go. Even if he started to pee on the floor, and I put him on the potty, he would hold the rest in. Several days ago I had him naked in his room, he started to pee and when I put him on the potty he let the rest out. This was progress!

Then, out of the blue, last Thursday, we were in his room and he was naked, he ran to his potty, stood over it backwards (see pic below), pushed (and grunted) and let out a very small amount of pee. I praised him and let him carry it to the bathroom, dump it in the toilet, and flush. What happened after that was absurd. He proceeded to run back to his room, get over the potty, pee again (this time a significant amount), run to bathroom, flush it down, and repeat...a total of NINE TIMES. Each time he would immediately pick up the potty insert and chant "flush down" while leaving the room. I didn't know what to do. By the seventh time he was just getting a drop out each time and when he tried for the tenth time I finally found a toy to distract him from his obsession with peeing (I had been trying to talk him out of the peeing since the second pee).


This is him showing off his first pee in the potty for his daddy.


Friday we stayed home just to work on using the potty. Late morning he started to pee on the floor but I transferred him quickly to the potty and he finished it there. In the afternoon he went to the potty after one of my reminders and peed. He showed off this pee also and added in a bit of his funny face.


Today, Saturday, we were home in the afternoon and while NJG and I weren't even paying attention to him he ran to his potty and peed and did similarly this evening.

He has made a lot of progress in a few days! He continues to "pee like daddy" standing backwards as opposed to sitting on the potty as toddler boys are supposed to do. I'm not sure how common this is...I find it a bit strange.

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Sarah said...

LOL. I love it! What a big boy! :)