Monday, November 12, 2012

IJ is 40 months old!


IJ is now 3 years and 4 months old.  He started preschool this August and enjoys it.  He goes three days a week from 8-2:45 pm.  He is in the Monkey classroom and has 3 main teachers.  The class size is much bigger this year.  He is younger than most of the kids since he has a summer birthday so it is interesting to see the difference in abilities within the class.

IJ has been doing great with using the toilet for all of his needs and we get him up once at night to pee.  In August we converted his crib into a bed and he hasn't napped in it since.  The only time he naps is in the car.  I've also asked that he not nap at school so he can stay on schedule.  He is very tired by his 7 pm bedtime without a nap and sleeps till 7 am usually.  IJ definitely loves his sister and can be very concerned and caring about her but is also often too rough when trying to play with her.  Very recently he has had more issues with sharing with her.  I think it's because she is getting older and actually playing with more of his toys.  He is very good about sharing with other kids so hopefully some of that will transfer to her soon.  I can tell he is desperate to play with her and in a few months she should be more of a play mate for him.

IJ is still very into vehicles and construction.  He loves to read books with us.  He likes to use instruments or pretend he is using instruments.  He has a huge imagination and still pretends various random things are other objects.  He is memorizing lots of songs lately and teaches me the songs he learns at school.  He is getting better with recognizing the letters in the alphabet and is more interesting in coloring lately.  He gets to use markers at school and loves those.  He enjoys cutting up paper with scissors, using glue and stickers and painting.  His favorite thing to do is to play outside and dig in the dirt.  If we go to a park with a sandbox that is all he wants to do. 

IJ has had several colds but nothing more serious.  He had a bad cough for a while after getting sick and it took a long while to go away.  He has been getting very frequent colds since starting preschool which i think is due to the large class size.

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