Friday, November 9, 2012

ZJ is 13 months old!


ZJ can now climb up into her brother’s bed. The problem is getting her to climb out legs first instead of falling out on her head. She is improving on that. She now removes the wooden rings on her stacker one at a time. She has also started dancing to music any time she hears it. She is in the knee bending dancing stage. She is talking more and babbling/mimicking speech more with a larger variety of sounds. She is also holding books up and babbling to pretend to read. She loves to walk and push chairs around the house. She is still into opening all the cabinets and drawers but most have had child locks installed now. She's also added flushing the toilet to her skills list.  She has started letting go of surfaces while standing and will stand free for a few seconds and sometimes several seconds. She has even tried to take a step a few times before falling down. She is paying a bit more attention to books now but still mostly wants to eat them.  She started making her lips into a kiss when we kiss her which is super cute.  She used to always open her mouth by the time we were actually kissing her but has started leaving her mouth in the kissing shape now.

ZJ is officially down to 1 nap a day and seemed to actually be on somewhat of a schedule for a while. She is asleep between 7 and 8 most nights and up around 7. Her one nap a day has been surprisingly short and typically only 1 hour (sometimes just a few minutes). But then we set the clocks back and she has started waking between 5 and 6 and taking her nap early instead of after lunch. I’m hoping she gets back on track soon.

ZJ is now eating at the table for 3 meals a day. I’ve started her on a few wheat products this month. She had homemade waffles and some pasta. She refused a food for the first time ever. I roasted beets and gave her small chunks. She promptly shook her head after trying them and then immediately vomited. It was quite strange. ZJ still only has 3 teeth.

ZJ has only been sick once this month but it feels like she’s been constantly sick for the last few months with her brother bringing home lots of colds and the drainage never fully going away between colds.

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Uncle Mikey said...

She's just like FLOTUS, not liking beets! A bright future that child has.